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1.1 Fractures
Part 2

Meanwhile, Blake and Jenna have become trapped in the maintenance department.

Vila decides to crawl through an access tunnel…

 …but falls down a hole and Cally rescues him by pulling him back up.

 Now, this is where it all starts getting confusing.
You might have realised there is someone else on the ship and thus any
conversations held over the communicators are suspect.
To help the viewers, we have a mysterious figure lurking in the background whenever this happens. Here we see Avon and Jenna discussing whether Blake is trying to kill them.

 Avon and Cally discuss whether Vila is a traitor.

 Avon and Vila discuss whether Cally is a traitor.

 Cally and Blake discuss whether Vila is a traitor
(you are probably getting the idea now).

Jenna tells Vila that Blake is trying to kill them.

 Cally and Jenna talk and Cally says she knows nothing about Vila or Blake.

 Avon tells Blake that it is Jenna who is causing the problems.

Not surprisingly after all that misinformation a few fights break out,
starting with Cally and Vila…

  …and then Blake and Jenna.

Cally and Vila talk with Avon, who says that one of them has turned off life support
(have you spotted who’s in the background – just making sure you’re paying attention).

  Cally and Vila find the real Avon and they realise the communications system is under someone else’s control. Crikey, it took them long enough.

Vila, Blake, Cally and Avon head for the flight deck…

…where the mysterious changeling appears before them.

While they argue about what they should do,
Avon shrugs his shoulders and shoots the changeling. Problem solved.

As a bit of a trailer for the next episode, Orac tells them all that the Federation can now do everything that it can do, which means they have to find out how it is being done.

Avon tells the rest of the crew that the only one of them he can trust is Orac.

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