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Download 3 clips from the Sweeney featuring Sally Knyvette and David Jackson.
The following clips were from the 70's police television show, the Sweeney. The episodes that these clips are from are pre-blakes7.

The episodes were shown recently on television around the 5pm timeslot, so if the content is deemed ok to be shown at that time of the evening, I have no problem with making it available for download.

Sally Knyvette Scenes:
One - Size: 1.32MB Format: DivX Click Here To Download
Two - Size: 2.26MB Format: DivX Click Here To Download
(From the episode, "Big Spender")

David Jackson Scene:
Size: 5.78MB Format: DivX Click Here To Download
(From the episode, "Contact Breaker")

The video files will need to be unzipped before use. DivX is required to view the files.

The complete episodes of the Sweeney are available to buy on DVD.

Download the B7 fan music video,
Comedy Tonight.

The video, a selection of footage from the 4 series of B7 is put to the classic music, Comedy Tonight from the musical, "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum"

The video was put together by Mary Van Deusen.

Size: 40MB Format: MP4 Click Here To Download

The video file will need to be unzipped before use.

Download the OG video taken at the Ruler of the Universe Hustings at Redemption 05
(official Redemption 05 website -

On a dial-up connection it will take around 20 minutes to download, broadband will be considerably quicker depending upon the speed.

Size: 6.5MB Format: MPEG1 Click Here To Download

These audio clips have been added to allow the fans that didn't get to hear these inteviews a second chance.

The Fred MacAulay Show -BBC Radio Scotland
Broadcast 31st July 2003

Paul Darrow - with B7 fans Steve and Harriet
Click Here To Download A Zipped MP3

Paul Darrow on Channel 4 series SF-UK
(real audio only)

Click here to Download the feature (1.11 Meg)hi quality

Click here to Download the feature (454k) lo quality
- The feature lasts for 3min 53seconds.

Steven Grief in the Kenco Coffee advertisment.
Click here to download the entire advertisment in AVI format.(2,899KB)

The following is the Blakes7 theme ringtone. Its the standard monophonic version. This particular one seems to work on most programmable Nokia Mobile phones:

8c1 8f1 8g1 4#a1 16a1 2a1 8f1 8g1 4#a1 16a1 2e1 8f1 8g1 4#a1 16a1 2a1 8c2 8#a1 4a1 16g1 2e1 4#a1 16a1 2a1 16#g1 16a1 16c2 16#a1 4a1 16g1 2d1 4a1 16g1 2g1 8#a1 8a1 4g1 16f1 2f1 8g1 8#g1 8g1 4g1 16e1 2f1 8g1 8e1 8f1 8f1

We currently don't have a polyphonic one available for download.

If there is any issue with the items made available on this page - either technical or legal, please don't hesitate to email us here and we will try to assist in any way possible.

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