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1st May 2004
Added Links to Star One 2004 convention pics on the conventions page.

26th April 2004
Added Hostage Wobblevision performed at Eastercon 2004. Many thanks to Steve Rogerson and Co for the Wobblevision.


7th August 2003
Added the downloads page - this contains links to some of the downloads on the site.

3rd August 2003
Added a new caption competition picture.

27th July 2003
Added 4 more jigsaws

Added 2 new caption competition pictures (and updated the page headings).

26th July 2003
Added some new jigsaws.

24th July 2003
Added a new Wobblevision - Time Squad. This contains scenes taken at the actual quarry that the episode was shot! Thanks to Steve Rogerson and his band of B7 fans for this!

23rd July 2003
Updated the Beer and Blakes7 Page with new details relating to the venue and the contacts.

27th June 2003
Added another Wobblevision - Redemption (Which was actually done at Eastercon!).

16th June 2003
Turned the headings on most of the pages into a graphical format. This is a work in progress - most of the site is going to slowly change into this format.

13th May 2003
Added 2 new caption competition pictures.


2nd December 2002
Added 2 new caption competitions

1st December 2002
Added the 2002 Advent Calendar

30th November 2002
Transferred and upgraded discussion forums.

29th November 2002
Transferred Website to the new servers

20th November 2002

Added 2 new caption competitions.

6th October 2002
Added some jigsaw puzzles. Thanks to Neil Thompson for the idea.

28th September 2002
Added some new limericks. Thanks go to Maurice Brandman, Patrick Chapman, lyndonw and Nico Mody-Nikoloff for sending them to us.

Added four new Caption Competitions - Thanks go to Gemma for donating more pictures to the cause!

1st August 2002
Added two new Caption Competitions

21st July 2002
Added the new Assassin Wobblevision, written by Emma Peel

26th June 2002
Added new caption competition program

25th June 2002
Updated the Links Page

Added Travis smiley to the discussion forums

17th May 2002
Updated the Caption Competition

4th April 2002
First entry of 2002 - Yes we are still here !!
Added the results for the December and January Caption Competitions (slackers!)


1st December 2001
Added the 2001 Advent Calendar.

Updated the Caption Competition

11th November 2001
Updated Menu bars to reflect changes with discussion forum links and Fan Social Event links

Added extra pages for the Discussion forum and Fan social events giving you the choice of where you would like to go:

17th October 2001
Added a transcript of the Blakes 7 segment from the Top 10 Sci-Fi

Added the Moving Objects review written by Flip

3rd September 2001
Updated July caption competition results

Altered date on Midlands Meetup page.

26th July 2001
Added another page of Limericks (Page 3)
Thanks to Caz, Currer and Manda for submitting the limericks.

21st July 2001
Updated poll on the main page

Added the Caption Competition Results For June 2001

Added the mailing list - everyone can register for it now on the main page.

16th July 2001
Updated Caption Competition

Added The First Time by Emma Peel - Many thanks to Emma for allowing us to us it.

Updated links on every page to show Wobblevision, Not a Well Man and The First Time

11th July 2001
Added Nexus 2001 Pictures (still more to come!)

20th June 2001
Updated Fan Social Events - Beer and Blakes 7 London

Added the results to May's Caption Competition

Added 'Not A Well Man' by Emma Peel Many thanks to Emma for allowing us to use it.

10th June 2001
Updated Caption Competition

21st May 2001

Wobblevision - Added the Wobblevision content. Many thanks to Emma Peel.

11th May 2001
Props and Toys - Make your own 12" Federation Guard Toy
Thanks to Paul K for this.

30th APRIL 2001
What's New Page

More Limericks by "Fish"

Props and Toys - Home made Orac pictures

Chat Room Actions - added the action command - use \a at the start of a line removes the name of the chatter enabling them to use an action.

SFUK Audio File - the segment of the SFUK program that featured Paul Darrow talking about Blakes 7.

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