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everything wobbles....
About Wobblevision/Episode Guide

As Redemption returned to Coventry for possibly the last time, Blake’s 7 Wobblevision started a new era with the filming of the Big Finish full-cast audio series, starting with Fractures. 
1.1 Fractures

Zen, looking more human every day, reports that five Federation pursuit ships are attacking.

On the flight deck, Vila, Avon, Blake, Cally and Jenna are not happy about the news…

 …but Jenna reassures them when she comes up with an idea for a clever manoeuvre.

 Travis suddenly appears on the Liberator view screen (the new 3D high definition view screen specially developed for the audio plays that makes him look like he’s actually in the room) and tells them they are all doomed.

The Liberator flies straight at Travis’ pursuit ship, ready to ram it.

But the smile is wiped from Travis’ face as his pet mutoid tells him
what the Liberator is up to.

At the last second, the Liberator ducks (moves out of the way)
and two pursuit ships shoot each other.

Travis again appears on the view screen shouting: “I’ll get you Blake.”

The Liberator flies into the Derelict Zone and finds lots of derelicts, one of which
seems to have life signs but is not responding.

Jenna and Blake think they see a shape down one of the corridors.

Dismissing that as their imagination, they have the more pressing problem
of the Liberator refusing to start. Jenna tries the starting handle.

Vila thinks he has five fingers; Cally points out that one’s a thumb.
Look, we didn’t write the script, OK.

Avon and Vila head for the engine room (apparently via the toilet)
to work out what is wrong with the Liberator.

Cally tries to see if Orac can work out what’s going wrong…

 …but Zen tells Cally that it was actually Blake who shut off the engines.

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