Not A Well Man - Season Four

by Emma Peel

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Yes, this is a big page!!! He was most/ least well in season four.. especially in 'orbit'....

{short description of image}
'well now, it begins to look as though dorian has got a lot of very bright associates' 10kb

{short description of image}
'well orac?'

'well is not a question'

'don't play games, you know what i'm asking' 12kb

{short description of image}
'ah well, tarrant is brave, young handsome - there are three good reasons for anyone not to like him' 26kb

{short description of image}
'well, the teleport audio system seems to be working alright' 8kb

{short description of image}
'well now, that remains to be seen' 7kb

{short description of image}
'well, they're on to him' 4kb

{short description of image}
'set up a decent orbit and you can leave scorpio and teleport down'

'muller can't'

'well we'll give him a refund on his ticket' 13kb

{short description of image}
'well we might kill you anyway and take them all' 5kb

{short description of image}
'well that should keep belkov guessing' 7kb

{short description of image}
'it worked - they think those corpses were us!'

'well why not - this was just a robbery that didn't come off' 8kb

{short description of image}
'the price of my life would be yours'

'well now the sacrifice might be worthwhile' 22 kb

{short description of image}
'you are a cautious man, avon'

'well that's a habit i'm hoping to live with' 10kb

{short description of image}
'vila, let's get to the airlock'


'well who else, after all, you always say you feel safe with me' 12kb

{short description of image}
'i'm blunt, always speaking my mind - i'm just the type to upset him'

'well you'll just have to try not to, won't you' 10kb

{short description of image}
'well presumably egrorian wants the ship out of teleport range - he does not trust us' 10kb

{short description of image}
'if we do need it we won't have time to get it'

'well then let's hope we don't need it' 10 kb

{short description of image}
'why didn't you tell me?'

'well i didn't want to make you nervous' 6kb

{short description of image}
'it's a trip i won't forget avon'

'well as you always say vila, you know you are safe with me' 13kb

{short description of image}
'resistance means armies avon, whatever you say, and we haven't got them'

'well neither have the federation' 10kb

{short description of image}
'well now gentlemen, before we drink our toast, are there any grievances that could in the future threaten our accord?' 11kb

{short description of image}
'well the only problem now is where do we find enough raw material to keep this lot running' 10kb

and so rests the case for the defence, m'lud...


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Other Seasons:-

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