Wobblevision - Shadow

by Emma Peel

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About Wobblevision/Episode Guide

SHADOW - part 2

{short description of image}

To save them, Cally points her big guns at the city. (We kept telling Zen she was background, but she wouldn't listen!)


{short description of image}

Everyone leaves the prison cell, apart from Back and Hannah, who have a big girly pout about being left behind. Blake comes back for them, though.

{short description of image}

The evil spider man (Ika as spider (ok, 2 pairs of tights knotted together)) chastises Largo for his failure

{short description of image}

.. and kills him with a pint of custard (here, Baileys, which you can't really see but I think Bob liked it)

{short description of image}

Blake, Jenna and Avon gratuitously grope at their open necklines on the planet of shrivelling eyeballs, where they make the evil drug 'Shadow', which they have found out the Terra Nostra manufacture.

{short description of image}

The key constituent of Shadow is moondiscs. They sing to the moondiscs. They may be high at this point. (Moondiscs are sherbert flying saucers courtesy of small person)

{short description of image}

Orac and Cally have a big fight and she goes off to the strange planet for 'some space, some time to think things over'. She passes out, surprise surprise. The moondiscs gather round her...


{short description of image}

On Liberator, Hannah dies of a drug overdose. Far more effective than the Grange Hill 'just say no' campaign...

{short description of image}

Blake says Beck can borrow Cally's big gun to blow up Mr Spider's back garden. This is him taking aim.

{short description of image}

Everyone gets back to the ship in the end, I can't remember how (was blinded by thigh boots throughout the episode. I think passed out Cally enables the ship to break through the atmosphere, and ends up having to talk to Orac again. Oh, and Avon puts a limiter in Orac so if he ever has smutty telepathic thoughts about Cally again, he'll explode. Just as well they can't do that about his boots, eh?)

Anyway, they're all glad to be back safe and have a big old cheesey grin together.

the end!

On to the out-takes...

About Wobblevision/Episode Guide

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