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HeadHunter- part 2

"Will Vila and Tarrant live?" asks Soolin.
"Unless we play hide and seek at once, the whole
human race is doomed!" insists Orac.

Soolin tucks up Orac, nice and warm - will this give him ideas?

Since it's now safe on Scorpio, Avon escorts Vena to
view her boyfriend's body, but the freezer is bare.

"There you are!" exclaims Vena. "I've been dying to
see you. Er, I didn't mean you to take that quite so literally..."

Naturally, Dayna has a nifty bomb in her cleavage, which brings the roof
down on Muller. "We're safe!" The crew dance in the corridor.

But who's that headless figure rising from the rubble? RUN!!!

OFFICIAL INFO DUMP: On opening the box, Avon finds it isn't
chocolates after all, but a robot head. They realise it isn't Muller chasing
them, but his powerful robot which can control anything with electronic
circuitry. It wants to marry Orac so that together they can rule the universe.
But if they attach the head to the robot, for some reason or other this won't
happen. So they devise a Cunning Plan.

Soolin and Orac engage in more "recreational" activities to attract the robot.

Dayna and Tarrant turn on the power at the hydro-electric plant...

...which cunningly electrifies the bridge, making the robot jerk about
fetchingly while Avon plays "pin the head on the robot".

"I never liked that bridge, anyway," mutters Dayna as she plants her bombs.

The crew have a picnic to celebrate destroying the robot and saving humanity.
Avon remains unconvinced that this was the right course of action.
"Ungrateful so-and-so," thinks Orac. "Next time he's about to make a
really stupid mistake that will ruin his life, I won't say a thing to stop him."

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