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everything wobbles....
About Wobblevision/Episode Guide

From the wilds of Glasgow,
dedicated Cephlonians risk Concussion
to make a Wobblevision production of:


Inspired as ever by Emma Peel
And starring the natives as themselves


Ensor Junior and Marriot on a mission of mercy hit some turbulence that causes their shuttle to crash. Ensor clutches the box of batteries that could save his father's life.
Note the care and dedication the designer of Marriot's costume has put in to make it realistic.

On the Liberator, the crew watch horrified as the shuttle crashes, but then spot two life capsules have been ejected. Despite Cephlon being heavy in radiation,
Blake decides a rescue mission is in order.

From the left, Jenna, Avon, Gan and Vila beam down to the planet.

Gan and Jenna find the dead Marriot, and after so much effort had gone into the costume. Note the tremendous model work in the silver life capsule.

Avon and Vila have more luck, discovering Ensor Junior is still alive. Such was our high budget on this episode (being shot at an Eastercon and all that) that we could afford to build a second life capsule. Avon orders an immediate beam up…

…but little does he know that Jenna has been captured by an unruly
bunch of fans natives of the planet.

Servalan explains to Travis that she caused the shuttle to blow up to stop Ensor Junior getting to his father because she wants to get there first and steal something called Orac. Travis decides to go along with her as he knows he won't be around for much longer.


Meanwhile back on the Liberator, Blake has spotted that Jenna is missing
and gives Avon a good telling off in a scene that isn't the slightest bit slashy, oh no.

On To Part Two!

About Wobblevision/Episode Guide

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