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1.6 Caged - continued

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 Not bored is Vila, whom Travis has now asked to torture Avon…

 …but Vila turns suddenly and uses the sonic probe on Travis.

Vila frees Avon and then produces Orac’s key. “I had it all along,” he gloats.

Vila takes Avon to the laboratory where Orac is being kept.

 The president holds a gun to Blake’s head and threatens to shoot him
unless Cally and Jenna kneel. They do.

 Avon tells Orac to lock down the station security.

 Travis, who appears to have recovered from Vila’s sonic probe, tells the president that Avon and Vila have escaped, which catches the interest of Blake, Cally and Jenna.

 The president turns on Travis for letting Vila get the better of him…

 …but Travis overpowers the president and says he will kill him unless Blake, Cally and Jenna do what he says. They point out that they would quite like to kill the president too.

 There is a bit of scuffle, which results in Blake killing the president. This is rather important.

 Orac tells Avon and Vila that the president’s death has triggered a station-wide sterilisation with poisonous gas. Told you it was important.

Vila rescues Blake, Jenna and Cally, who are still a bit unsure about him, but as the gas starts blowing they decide to go along.

 Orac guides Avon back to the Liberator.

 Avon and Orac meet up with Blake, Cally, Jenna and Vila, who are struggling with the poisonous gas; obviously not that poisonous or they’d be dead by now.

 However, the hatch is locked. Time for Vila to show his special skill, though he’d probably rather still be torturing Avon.

 The crew arrive back on the flight deck and Jenna takes the controls to force the Liberator to break the restraining bolts holding it to the station (note the blurred motion effect).

  Vila explains to the rest that he was on their side all along; they look doubtful.

 The president appears on the viewscreen and tells Blake he only killed a clone. Drat!


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