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Flight of the Phoenix: Janus' Story <part one>

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 20, 2006 7:41 pm    Post subject: Flight of the Phoenix: Janus' Story <part one> Reply with quote

OOC: Here's what I have so far for my B7 spinoff series starring a new group of rebels aboard an advanced Federation star cruiser. Look forward to any constructive criticism.

Flight of the Phoenix: Janus’ story
By Grant Smith

Janus awoke to the dim-lighting of his quarters, the chronometer on his bedside table flashing 8:00am. He rose, and moved over to the panel on the bedroom wall, at the touch of a button the faint lights in the ceiling increased and revealed his apartment in all it’s luxurious splendour. Being head of the Federation’s Medical Research Institute did have it’s advantages, a luxurious penthouse suite in Earth Dome 2, an annual wage of 750 Thousand Credit’s a year being just two of the perks he received for his work.

Janus removed his sleeping wear and stepped into the shower, the cascade of cold water felt refreshing against his body. He stepped out of the shower a few minutes later and stared at himself in the mirror. “Not bad” he thought, for a man approaching forty. Janus face was thin, but not unhealthily, he kept himself in shape and had retained his slim build and had not developed a portly build as many of his colleagues had. He shaved, brushed his teeth and rinsed. He left the bathroom and moved back into his bedroom, where he dressed, picked up his briefcase which contained several research papers he had been too tired to read the day before, an apple from the bowl of fruit on his kitchen table, and left his apartment for what would be the last time.

At 8:45, he boarded one of the many pneumatic shuttle-trains that took people between different areas of cities, and to the other domes. He sat down in the comfortable white seating area and watched the daily news report on one of the viewing screens that were placed strategically throughout the shuttle.

“Breaking news this morning,” spoke the female news anchor “the Andromedan menace have suffered significant defeat, due to brave attempts by the heroes in the 3rd & 11th Fleet, Top Psychostrategists predict that Andromedan forces will be completely exterminated within 6 months.”

Janus listened intently to the news, he’d been following the war since its inception, and had read all the reports he could get about it. Outside of the Freedom Party, the Andromedan’s had been the only major threat to the Earth and it’s colonies, and so had inspired a large amount of men and women to enlist in the armed forces to fight the “Andromedan Menace”. Janus had been one of the many to attempt enlistment, his love for the Earth encouraging him to sign on. But alas, he had been rejected on the grounds that he was “too important to the Federation” to be posted aboard some remote warship in a distant part of the galaxy. Still, he could still follow the war with the daily vid-casts and by the stories he had heard from soldiers and pilots on shore leave.

At 9:00am he stepped out the shuttle and into the foyer of his workplace, the Federation Medical Research Institute, Fed-Med for short. The foyer was designed to be ‘aesthetically pleasing’ and it’s design incorporated a mixture of chrome, glass and white steel. And the security cameras, of course.

“Janus Terr - Level 11” he spoke into the voice activated lift controls. A few seconds later, the light on the display panel flashed green in recognition, and the chrome double doors opened to the waiting elevator carriage. He stepped inside and the doors closed behind him, the whir of the lift mechanics shuddered the lift slightly before he felt the forces move around him as it headed for its destination on the eleventh floor.

A minute later, Janus was stepping out of the door onto a clinical white hallway and made his way to his office, passing the frosted glass doors of his colleagues.

“Morning Tala” he smiled at his young secretary, who sat at a console just outside of his office. She was beautiful, at only 23 she was already earning near enough 47 thousand Credit’s a year. In a few years time she could very well be part of the management. However, this morning the usually chirpy young woman looked distressed.

“Dr. Terr, there’s someone waiting for you in your office, they say their from Federation Security” she explained, and it was true, Janus could just make out the two figures through the glass.

“Did they say what they want?” he whispered to the younger woman.

“No, they just said they wanted to see you and that they would wait in your office.” she all but sobbed.

“Don’t worry, I’ll sort everything out” he placed a hand on her shoulder and walked into his office.

The two men were identically dressed in the black leather uniforms that signified Federation Security. The elder of the two men had short, cropped black hair and a beard, whereas his companion had dark red hair worn longer.

“Good morning gentlemen, what can I do for you?” Janus smiled at the two gaunt looking officers.

“Dr. Janus Terr?” asked the black haired man, watching Janus sit down at his desk.

“Yes, what can I do for you?” replied Janus politely, indicating for the two men to sit. Neither did so.

“Sir, we’re here on behalf of the President and the High Council. We want you to help us” spoke the bearded man in a clinical, unemotional accent.

“Oh? And how can I do that? “ Janus asked. Any right minded citizen was scared of Security enforcers, and these two in his office did give off the usual air of menace.

The Officer smiled, “We’ve studied your file, and have noticed something that could be of vital use to us.”

“Really?” stammered Janus, he didn’t like where this was going.

The officer moved back into his seat, the junior lieutenant with him kept his gaze fixed on Janus, a psychological tactic to make him feel uneasy. It was working.

“We’ve been following your work closely. You’ve been head of here, how long?” asked the lead officer.

“3 years. 4 this winter” he told them

“right. Like I said, we’ve been following your work. You’re the best in your field. Which is why we, the Administration what you to head Project: Longinus” he took out a folder from his briefcase and placed it on Janus’ desk.
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 21, 2006 12:50 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

An interesting start. I look forward to the next installment.
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