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PostPosted: Wed Jun 21, 2006 2:36 pm    Post subject: MURDERED PAST Reply with quote


It had been almost ten year's since, that fateful, deadly event had changed his life for good! Ten year's of seeking safety - a safety that kept eluding him. Forcing him, to move from, place to place. Yet, he was still alive despite the many attempts on his life. Sometimes, he almost hoped, wished even, that his unknown but, deadly opponent would be lucky and, his life would end. If, only for the final rest of eternity! However, his, survival instincts, somehow, always overrode any death-wish he had.

Having had yet another narrow escape from his opponent's bullet. He could not help wondering why, whoever it was trying so hard to relieve him of his life - always failed. Was his pursuer merely playing a deadly game with him, always making it seem that 'he' really didn't want to succeed. As 'he' had, had many opportunities too good to fail, over the ten year's since the first attempt had taken place, shortly after Blake's death on Gauda Prime.

That event was still horrifically clear as, if it had happened only yesterday. If, only he could go back and prevent, Blake's death from ending that way, he would. The reality was he could never do that - so, he had to live with the consequences of that mistake!

He glanced out of the view portal at the myriad star scape. In a few minutes the "Phoenix Star" would be landing on Titan - the largest satellite of the planet Saturn. As, the thrust of powerful engines died down the "Phonix Star" gently touched down on pad three in silo fifteen of Titan's vast spaceport. Passengers started disembarking the ship and, he wondered if, his would-be enemy was amongst them? Only time and, the next attempt on his life, would answer that question!

Leaving the ship, he went along with his fellow passengers through the security checks common to all spaceports - before heading into Titan's main city to look for a place to stay. He walked along hurriedly, carefully avoiding any Federation security patrols. For although it had been ten year's and, he looked somewhat older - KERR AVON - still had a high price on his head! Finally, he came to a lodging hostel he liked.

The "Lucky Seven" was small and, suited his purpose and, had seen better times. Right now the security of a room was what he wanted. Checking in at the desk, he took the key to room thirteen and, used the lift to the third floor.

He soon found his room, entered and, locked the door quietly behind him. Finally, he could relax for a while and, breathe a sigh of relief. He didn't know why but, he had a feeling that matters would come to an end here on Titan. A showdown with his opponent that would be a total ending of his ten year nightmare - one way or, another! Only the victor of the outcome was as yet - unknown? Settling down on the bed - KERR AVON - shut his eyes and, tried to get some sleep.


Although he didn't know it but, Avon's suspicions had indeed been correct, in that, one of his fellow passenger's on the "Phoenix Star" was indeed his deadly opponent. Like Avon, 'he' too found accommodation in a lodging hostel that suited his purpose. However, "The Aquarius" was a much classier place than the, "Lucky Seven"!

'He' too went to the sanctuary of his room for a rest before, seeking further vengeance on his sworn enemy! If, the constant strain had taken its toll over the past ten year's on his victim - KERR AVON - it, hadn't exactly been easy on him. However, for him this was to be his final attempt at taking the life of the man who had gunned down his brother - in cold blood! The man who had once supposedly, been a close friend of - ROJ BLAKE. The unfortunate irony of the situation was, that 'he'd' been given only a few weeks more at the outset to live. So, it had to be here or, not at all! The thought that final failure to carry out his VOW might let his VICTIM - survive in the end was, the hardest fact to have to bear!

'He' would let him relax for the next twenty-four hours. Then 'he' would - God willing - have Avon's life!

Avon awoke after sleeping a lot longer that he'd intended on doing but, he did feel grealy refreshed! Washing, a change of clothes and, food brought to his room made him feel a lot better. Yet, still he had the strongest feeling that, his enemy was close by - perhaps too close for comfort.

'He' was!

Avon knew his opponent would like-as-not already have a weapon. So, he had to get equally well-equipped. That, however, meant Avon would have to risk going to the seedier section of the city to purchase what he wanted, were no-one would ask too many questions. Taking a thick pouch and, checking he had what he hoped was enough credits to purchase a decent hand weapon. He left the "Lucky Seven" heading by auto-transit to the west side of Titan.

Having had no luck, whatsoever, in the first two bars that he had tried, Avon found what he was searching for in the third. The "Golden Horseshoe" was typical of the seediest hotel-cum-bars. With rooms upstairs for various pleasures in private, downstairs gaming tables of all types, etc. For those Avon, had no interest. He was looking for an illegal seller of weapons and, it wasn't long before a few credits extra for the bar tender produced the required result.

The man willing to sell him what he wanted sat in the first cubicle opposite the main bar. He was a small beady-eyed little man of a somewhat nervous disposition and, he was asking for a thousand credits - a price that Avon was certainly not willing to pay him. After, some less than friendly persuasion not, too mention, positive threats from Avon. The man finally agreed a price of five hundred credits - still high but, that was all that, he was going to get from Avon, for the gun. After all, Avon really had very little to lose, if he carried out his threats to expose the man to the Federation Authorities or, yet another assassination attempt by his deadly opponent? He knew, however, that the dealer, wasn't wanting any trouble in the form of the Federation Authorities. That wasn't exactly good for business! Still, this little man reminded him a great deal of, his old friend, VILA RESTAL!

So, he got the laser-magnum for a lot less than the seedy little villain had wanted. After, having a drink he left to return to the "Lucky Seven". Keeping the weapon well-hidden - for it was forbidden for anyone on Titan - anyone that is, except, for the Federation security patrols to openly carry weapons of any kind, even 'elite' Alpha grades, like Avon.

He soon reached the safety of the "Lucky Seven" without any difficulty and, went straight to his room. Avon unlocked his door and, switched on the light to be confronted by a stranger sat on his bed, pointing a laser-magnum directly at him.

"Come in, please and, don't try anything." smiled the man. "I, wouldn't want to have to use this - yet!"

Avon did exactly as the stranger wanted making, no attempt to do otherwise. If Avon was in anyway surprised, at this stranger invading his room on his return, he didn't show any reactions, whatsoever, or, give the stranger any thought of feeling that 'he' had the upper hand over, Avon in this situation - despite the weapon!

"I think you happen to be in the wrong room, my friend." smiled Avon, almost casually as, if greeting an old friend - not, someone trying to kill him!

"Oh, I don't think so." replied the stranger cautiously. "I've waited a long time for this meeting - ten long years to be precise!"

"Really?" replied Avon. "OK if I sit down?"

By now, he knew that this man had to be the person who'd been trying to kill him for so long. He was more than curious to find out why and, to also make sure that he did any killing - not the other way around!

"You don't seem to be surprised!" replied the stranger, still keeping a very wary eye pm Avon. "Aren't you even a little curious before you DIE? KERR AVON - still, relying on that cold calculating logic of yours. Was it that cold logic that helped ease your conscience when you murdered your friend in cold blood? A friend, who still believed in you and, still trusted you!"

"Don't you think that if, I could go back and, prevent having shot BLAKE that, I would?" replied Avon. "Don't you think that I've had to live with the consequences and, regret what I, did that day?"

"Very touching!" sneered, the stranger. "But, I still intend to kill you!"

"You think so?" answered Avon. "in, cold blood?"

"Precisely!" replied the man. "As, you did to my, brother, on Gauda Prime."

"Brother?" queried Avon. "BLAKE - was your, brother? He always said that his family had been murdered?"

"They were." replied, the man - a sad far off look regisederd in his eyes. "I, only escaped because I, was out at an illegal resistance group meeting and, only got caught later on. When BLAKE was, caught by the Federation Authorities and, convicted on those false charges - WE, his family were all deported to Earth's Outer colonies. My father, mother, two sisters and, myself for life! They were all shot - massacred that night by Federation troopers. I never saw them even buried or, my brother - BLAKE - again. I, did manage, however, to follow his exploits. I, guess he didn't know that I'd survived. I, was planning to see him on the base on Gauda Prime but, you stopped that meeting by your sudden arrival - only a few hours before I, had the opportunity. I, made a VOW that day, that I'd KILL you - no matter how ong it took me!"

"Tell me - why all those attempts?" asked Avon, almost casually.

"Simple - I, wanted you to suffer." answered the man, quietly.

"So - why now?" asked Avon, hoping his change of conversation would catch his opponent off-guard just long enough to give him what he knew would be his only chance to use his own weapon.

"Ironically - I'm dying." smiled, the stranger. "I've only got a few weeks left, so it has to be - NOW!"

"So, what's stopping you from your planned cold blooded execution?" replied Avon calmly and, again almost casually.

Hoping his plan would work. It did - the stranger was thrown by Avon's sudden attitude that he was caught, so, unprepared as, in a split second Avon's concealed gun fired - hitting him full in the chest. He never had the chance to use his own weapon which, fell from his hand to the floor. His fixed glassy stare told Avon that he was dead!


Avon had survived his, enemies final attempt on his life but, he had to get out now and, fast. As, no doubt a Federation security patrol would have been sent for to investigate. He quickly looked for the dead man's identity card. As, it might give the Federation Authorities on Titan, a lead to his whereabouts not, having used his real name - but, yet another false identity. Not only did he have to get away from the "Lucky Seven" but, away from Titan.

Leaving by the window he climbed down to the floor below and, through an adjacent empty room made his escape. He was soon headed at speed to the spaceport by which, he'd arrived. Hoping he wouldn't be spotted and, that a cruiser was in - regardless of its destination! His LUCK was indeed in - "The Enterprise" - was on launch pad seven in silo seven awaiting take-off. Purchasing a ticket and, going through the usual security checks as, on his arrival. He quickly boarded the cruiser along with the remaining passengers and, found a window seat.

After a couple of minutes "The Enterprise" lifted-off and, left Titan heading, for Earth. Avon, settled back in his seat, ordered a drink and, took a small pouch out of his pocket. He flipped it over, almost casually - it, was the identity card belonging to the now dead TAREK BLAKE! Avon, finished his drink and, put the pouch back in his pocket - then closed his eyes. His ten year long nightmare was, indeed, now finally over!

"Valentine" (Avon 'S Brother)

"Have you betrayed ME?"


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