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PostPosted: Fri Jun 11, 2004 8:39 am    Post subject: ALTERNATIVE SERIES 4 - NOW COMPLETE 13 EPISODES Reply with quote

Here is my own Alternative Series 4 episode guide...


Avon, Vila, Cally, Tarrant and Dayna are left stranded on Terminal and watch on the screen as Servalan finally stole The Liberator and disappears into the depths of space.........



ORAC has been monitoring all space vehicles and sends out an S.O.S as a cargo ship passes Terminal's Orbit.

As the crew go to meet the landed ship a tripwire sets off a huge explosion killing Tarrant and seriously injuring Dayna.

Avon Cally and Vila are shocked to learn that the cargo ship is in fact a high tech rebel base, captained by Avalon, they are welcomed aboard and told of Servalan's further rise in popularity and power.

A fleet of DSV's are already in peliminary construction and Avalon's first aim is to destroy the ship building station - but first she wants to know where Blake is.

Avon explains that it was all a set up by Servalan but Avalon also receieved a message from Blake so say that he was on Terminal and that is why she is there.

ORAC monitors the factory's circuits and discovers that all the new ships are to be fitted with something called A Techyon Funnel - ORAC also explains what the Funnel is capable of doing.

Avon demands that they must make a raid on the factory and destroy the weapons before the ships are ready and armed, Avalon disagrees however and orders the ship out of Orbit only to be confronted by The Liberator which is facing them head on.

The Communication channels are opened and they hear Servalan's voice.

"I hoped that one of you may try to rescue Blake but this really is a surprise. You are now all prisoners of the Federation, surrender immediatly or you will be utterly destroyed"!!!

To be continued...

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 11, 2004 9:11 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Orac reports that The Liberator is preparing to fire, Vila suggests that they scramble the weapons but Avon demands that The Liberator is not harmed.

Taking command by pulling a gun Avon surrenders the ship and the rebels - Avalon's troops pull guns but Cally beckons that it's OK and they should trust Avon.

Federation guards are teleported across in force and whilst Avon, Vila, Cally and Avalon are held their troops are killed in a massacre.

Servalan herself teleports aboard and to take control, she orders that the ship's drives are destroyed.

She takes Avon to one side and explains that she is now more powerful than ever and that with the production of the DSV's and of Pylene Fifty - a new drug, the Federation will be invincible, she holds a gun to Avon's head and tells him that very soon he'll wish she had pulled the trigger.

Servalan then demands that she be given Orac otherwise she will kill one crew member at a time...Avon with absolute anger hands over Orac.

Servalan teleports back with Orac whilst the troops fire on all the ships drive systems, they then teleport out and The Liberator leaves.

Back on The Liberator Servalan contacts the ship building factory and demands that all work be stepped up, she tells ORAC to link to the factory's computer and make sure that nothing has been overlooked.

Meanwhile back on the Rebel ship Avalon is furious with Avon and is just about to pull a gun on him when Dayna appears, feeling much better.

Cally and Vila side with Avon, explaining that the Liberator shoudln't have been destroyed, but Avalon argues that Servalan now has The Liberator AND ORAC and can therefore thwart them at every turn.

At the ship building factory Servalan demands that the Techyon Funnel be demonstrated - it is pointed directly at Terminal and the rebel ship, she orders them to fire, both the planet and the ship are completely destroyed!
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 11, 2004 9:44 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Avon, Cally, Vila, Avalon and Dayna are onboard another ship, piloted by a woman called Soolin. Slave, the ship's navigational computer informs them that some kind of Sonic wave is heading towards them.

They take evasive action and although hit and the damage is only slight and Soolin explains that they will soon be back at base.

Avon meanwhile is looking around the flight deck and asking Soolin many questions.

She explains that Dorian, a friend, built both the ship, SCORPIO and a base on the planet Xenon, where they are headed. When asked where Dorian is, Soolin explains that he is dead...and that she shot him!

Back at Xenon base Soolin goes into more detail about Dorian and tells them that he became uneasily friendly with an alien creature. The Creature however drained the very body and soul of people in order to give Dorian eternal life, eventually he went mad and tried to kill her, but she was too quick and destroyed both the creature and Dorian.

Soolin tells them that they are welcome to stay for as long as they wish, but when Cally explains they they need to find Servalan, the Liberator and ORAC Soolin takes a great deal more notice as she is utterly against the Federation, though for reasons she is not prepared to go into.

Without ORAC Avon is at a loss, whilst tapping into a minor Federation computer though he notices a familair trait and send a signal without the others knowing.

Avalon suggests they take immediate action by taking Scorpio out and contacting as many Rebel bases as possible, Avon agrees but tells her that she is no longer the decision maker, he knows Servalan better than anyone and he has a few scores to settle with her.

Scorpio is launched and heads towards the edge of Federation Space, to a planet called Caspar where Avalon previosly arranged to meet a Dr Plaxton, when she explains that Dr Plaxton was the creator of the photonic space drive Avon takes a lot more notice, he is also visibly concerned by an area on the flight deck of Scorpio and tells Vila that he beleives it to be a Teleport, but Soolin is unaware of it's operational status.

to be continued.......
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 11, 2004 11:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Meanwhile, On Caspar two scientists are monitoring a radar screen and celebrating.

Doctor Plaxton (a woman) answers an incoming communication, it is Avalon, "Approaching now contact imminent".

On Scorpio Avalon, Cally, Soolin and Dayna leave to see Doctor Plaxton whilst Avon continues to look at the Teleport area, Vila meanwhile is monitoring everyone.

Avalon and Dr Plaxton greet each other like old freinds, but Plaxton is anxious as only a month ago a random communication was sent from Federation command stating that " Plaxton was number one subject".

Slave informs Avon and Vila that 5 ships have entered Orbit, Vila checks and sees that they are Federation, he informs the others they need to get out as soon as possible.

As they rush to get everything ready it becomes apparent that the drive system is too much for them to transport. Three federation ships land and make an assault on the research centre.

Trapped inside with minimal weapons they start to panic and Paxton prepares to destroy the drive system rather than give it over to the Federation.

As the gaurds become more forceful Cally demands that Avon and Vila help them, when suddenly Avon appears via the teleport.

They all teleport back to Scorpio and Paxton immediatly works on getting the Drive installed, the guards meanwhile break through into the lab and immedialty tell the ships that they have vanished.

Scorpio is sent a communication "Surrender or be destroyed" but Avon knows they will not attack for fear of damaging the drive. Paxton completes her work and Scorpio launches and is immedialty targeted and chase is given.

Paxton says that although the drive has been tested, it has never been tested on such a large old ship, she recommends that they try to get own without using it.

The Federation ships meanwhile are told to ignore all previous instructions, they are now to target and destroy Dr Plaxton, she has turned Traitor - they fire on Scorpio, damaging flight instruments, they are now flying blind - Avon immedialty orders Plaxton to operate the Drive, she refuses - as the Federation fleet fire all at once Scorpio zooms out of range at an unpresented speed.

"That was close" says Avon.

Avalon looks at him and smiles, as she takes her hand of the Drive control button.
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 11, 2004 11:12 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


The first new DSV's have been built and are tested for speed and fire power, as well as having the Techyon Funnel weaponry the ships also have their regular fire power.

Servalan, begins to focus on a new rebel group that has come to her attention - she has recieved information on their base and has gone in The Liberator to search the area.

ORAC meanwhile has been instructed to report on any rebel activity and report them to Central Control.

On Xenon base Avon and Avalon are discussing their future plans, Avalon suggests that they meet with other rebel groups, with new DSV's in development and with their new weaponry intact the rebels would be fighting a losing battle, they need to strike urgently.

Cally suggests that there is only one option open to them, to destroy the ship building base and all the prototype ships, Vila and Soolin say it's far too risky but Avon agrees, it is their only real option - but they need to find it's whereabouts first.

Avalon makes contact with other known rebels and arranges a rendevous immeditaly.

The first DSV trial is a complete success and Servalan demands that the others be finished as soon as possible, she wants a war fleet as soon as possible.

The Liberator holds an orbit of the Planet Garl, the planet where the rebel base is said to be, a team of crack squad guards teleport down.

On the other side of Garl Scorpio begins to enter Orbit when Slave detects another ship, on screen they see Liberator and Avon immediatly senses a betrayal.

Avalon makes immediate contact with the group and everyone is shocked when they hear a familiar voice...Jenna, she is aware that Liberator is in Orbit but had no idea that Servalan now controlled it, she requests immediate evacuation.

Avon, Cally and Soolin teleport down and hand out braceletts and guns and tells them they need to get out now, the rebels however demand that they stand their ground and fight, but with Servalan belieiving them to be dead Avon isn't willing to take the risk - he orders Scorpio to bring him, Jenna, Soolin and Cally back up - but Soolin throws her braclette away and stays.

The guards attack the rebel base and a huge gun fight begins, until Servalan makes an announcement - surrender now or I'll blow you and your base to nothing.

Knowing the power she now possesses Soolin persudes them to surrender, the guards then enter and kill everyone, Servalan enters and flips a dead body over with her foot...it's Soolin.

Jenna demands to know how the Federation learnt of their base, she accuses Avalon of betraying them, but Avalon is adamant that their sourse must have been from within the group and not outside it.

Avon again starts to play with the ship's computer systems, Avalon is concerned but aware of Liberator's tracking devices he wants to ensure they are not detected.

Dayna beckons everyone to listen as Servalan sends a message to Central Control

"This is president Servalan, operation Garl has been a success, no survivors remain - prepare all battle cruisers for stage two - operation Roj Blake is imminent!"
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 11, 2004 1:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


At Central Control Servalan meets with her "War Council". With the new fleet of DSV's on their way she wants the Federation to grow in size and already has her sights on new sectors. Her Council warn her that by expanding Federation Space she will increase the threat of Rebels as new worlds are conquered. She is also warned that there are people who are desperate to see her fail and are preparing their own rise to power - Servalan however waves this off as being optimitic at best.

Once the meeting is over she has a private meeting with General Jetka who is to be the leader of the new Battlefleet and asks of his personal opinions on a possible coup, he tells Servalan that it's always a possibility and the bigger the Federation gets the more people will want a slice of it.

Servalan calls an end to the meeting and orders Jetka to prepare for the operation.

Once he has left Servalan demands that Orac investigate all communications of Commanders Davids and Simons - she wants to know what they are up to every minute of every day.

Back on Xenon base the rebels are in mixed spriits, whilst catching up with what Jenna has been up to they are sad at losing Soolin. Vila explains exactly how Servalan got hold of The Liberator and Orac while Avon works on some computer programmes.

They discuss what "Operation Roj Blake" could be, as far as everyone knows Blake is dead, but why name an operation after one of their own No.1 targets?

Dayna enters and tells them that another 5 colonies have been added to federation Space in the last few days, The Federation are getting bigger and stronger.

Cally once again suggests that their only option is to destroy the Battlefleet before it's finished, Avon again backs her, though Vila finds the idea suisidal.

Jenna comments that Scorpio is not a Federation target and that parts will almost certainly be delivered to the base, as Scorpio is a cargo ship they could easily pass themselves off.

Avalon agrees but again, without the knowledge of the base's whereabouts they are helpless...but Avon surprises everyone by suddenly announcing "Earth, that is where the factory is and that is where we are going".

Everyone is surprised at how he knows, he deduces that "Operation Roj Blake" gave it away in that it is earth that Blake was tried for his crimes, the reason for the factory is to destroy rebels and give the Federation bigger growth and success...using their former flaghead rebel's name was their way of being ironic.

Vila and Cally are worried that earth's defences are far too tough to get through, but Avalon, Dayna and Jenna are with Avon and feel the risk would be worth it.

It is agreed that Vila and Cally will stay behind in case anything goes wrong, but they must keep monitoring as much as possible incase something reported gives them an edge.

Back on The Liberator Servalan is heading towards Earth and towards the Factory, more than 15 DSV's are now ready for testing and her first battle fleet will then be complete.

ORAC reports that communications between Davids and Simons has been brisk, each talking in code which Orac has absolutely no idea of, Servalan tells Orac to continue.

Servalan contacts General Jetka and advises him that the fleet had better be ready for Inspection, she assures her that everything has been planned to the very last detail.

Scorpio in on course for Earth and Avon seems to have his mind on other things, when asked he tells them that things are changing and that whatever happens during this trip things will be changed beyond their comprehension, the girls look confused, Avon looks worried.

Scorpio passes all of Earth's correct security clearences and is held in Orbit. Avon teleports down, demanding that if he's not back within 2 hours they must leave - he is just going down to look around.

On Xenon a message comes through that mystifies Vila and Cally, it is a Federation message that simply reads "Liberator in sight".

Avon finds the ship building factory, but cannot get anywhere near it as it's heavily guarded, he reports back but stays around.

Cally informs Scorpio of the message they recieved, Jenna realises that The Liberator is on it's final approach to earth, she'll soon be there to launch her new fleet.

On Liberator servalan addresses a team of crack Guards and dignertrees telling them that this is a new dawn and that although rebel groups are multiplying by the day, so the Federation crushes them and will will soon be unbeatable.

Zen announces that they are at their redevous point, Servalan sends everyone away, but they stand where they are and just stare at her.

Avon finally makes it into the factory, takes one look and immediatly asks for Teleportation.

Back On Scorpio he scans every screen, frantic with worry, Jenna and Avalalon look on helpless, he stands in the middle of the deck and screams out for immediate activation...Avalon and Jenna just stare in disbelief.

Back on Liberator one 3 of Servalan's guards raise their weapons and point her towards the screen, there she sees a fleet of DSV's looking glorious, she smiles and says "My fleet". The picture then changes and General Jetka appears.

"President Servalan, you have been deposed, the fleet that stands before you is no longer yours, surrender now or you will be fired upon".

Servalan demands to know who has ousted her and is shocked by what she sees.

Avon rushes to the Teleport and demands to be teleported immediatly, Jenna does so, but not before asking too many questions and getting him even more annoyed.

Back on Liberator Servalan is staring at the screen and looking directly at...Blake.

Servalan tells him that he is dead, he responds by telling her that she created him...."The clone" she whispers.

Servalan is given one final option to admit defeat, all the guards now have their guns set on her, she refuses to surrender.

Blake orders all ships to aim.......and Fire.....Servalan screams in agony as
The Liberator is completely destroyed.

"My Fleet is now ready, no one will stand in my way...none!" - says Blake.

Suddenly on Scorpio Avon teleports back and demands that the ship must leave Orbit NOW!

Jenna and Avalon look at him, he looks at them and smiles, they tell him that The Liberator was destroyed but don't know whether Servalan was onboard or not...

Avon pulls out a minitured ORAC from his pocket and smiles "Oh yes, she was on there alright!".

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 11, 2004 2:19 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


The Federation are en force as they track down rebel groups and destroy them, throughout Federation Space and beyond reports continue to come in as their empire grows ever bigger.

On Xenon base Avon is desperate to know hwo overthrew Servalan, whoever it was is more ruthless and cunning and he would rather know who he is up against.

Cally and Jenna advise him that the Federation are launching their new DSV Fleet in a very public ceremony...and the new Presidnet is bound to be there. Avalon feels that a return to earth would be too much of a risk, but Avon tells her it's of paramount importance that they find out who their new nemisis is.

Meanwhile at Central Control Blake is having Federation troops shot for even the smallest of failures, he will not accept low standards and demands the very highest standards.

He calls a Coucil meeting and highlights all known rebel bases, stating that they are about to enter Phase 2 of their Extermination project. As the Council view their monitors XENON appears as one of the targets.

Avon and Orac discuss the Federation's new fleet and Orac explains that although they have made excellent copies, they cannot recreate the very nature of the Liberator, Avon doesn't quite understand and asks Orac to be more specific...

Avalon, Jenna, Cally, Vila take Scorpio out - they are heading to the planet Hesgar where they have arranged to meet a rebel group. Their plan is to bring them back to Xenon and start to make plans for a bigger and tougher rebel base, they need to take immediate action and increase rebel numbers if they are to be able to take on the Federation.

Dayna stays out of Avons way by working on some new weapon ideas, meanwhile Avon talks to Scorpio and tells them that he wants the ship back as soon as possible.

A fleet of DSV's are on route, Blake communicates with them telling them that Xenon is the lowest graded target and therefore all priorities should be given to their first target - Hesgar.

Scorpio lands of Hesgar and the two rebel groups discuss their options, Avalon tells them that they must unite, but the other group think that lots of smaller groups is better than one, after much diliberation they discuss and swap known information of Federation plans, and Scorpio departs with no real agreement.

Avon tells Dayna that they need to vacate the base as soon as Scorpio returns, after arguing the point Avon threatens her and tells her she either trusts him and does what he tells her or else.

At Central Control Blake is told that the battle fleet are approaching Hesgar, he orders then to locate all targets and fire as soon as they are ready.

As Scorpio appraoches Xenon communications are sent from Hesgar screaming for help as they are being attacked, Avon tells them to ignore the pleas and continue, they need to evacuate immediatly.

At central Control Blake is informed that something is wrong...he demands to know more he shoots the messenger and demands the Council have an immediate emergency meeting.

Back on Xenon Orac is relaying all the information from the Hesgar attack, all rebel bases have been destroyed and the fleet are now heading towards Xenon - as predicted.

Scorpio is told to hold it's orbit and not to land, Avon meanwhile hurries Dayna and tells the Scorpio crew to be ready for immediate teleport...something that they were certainly not expecting.

As the Battle Fleet get closer they detect Scorpio and prepare their target coordinates.

The Scorpio Crew are told to prepare for imminant teleportation, Avon grabs Orac and prepares to do the same.

Dayna doesn't understand what he's doing and Avon tells her that when they teleport down they will teleport up - the battlefleet will soon arrive to destroy their base....he's getting out whilst he still has a chance. Dayna looks at him in shock, he smiles and tells Orac to teleport. The crew of Scorpio teleport at the same time as Von, Dayna and Orac.

As the fleet prepare all final preperations a communication arrives from Dayna "Do not fire, I repeat do not fire, we surrender", the commander turns it off and tells his fleet that everything is to go ahead as planned.

On Scorpio, Avon tells Orac to get things working as quickly as possible, there is absolutely no time to lose, Dayna looks confused and wants to know why he teleported the others back to the base - Avon smirks and tells her he hasn't the time to explain.

As the fleet fires on Xenon base Dayna pulls a gun on Avon and tells him he's murdered the others, he knocks her out unconcious.

As he watches Xenon base be destroyed on the monitor he tells Orac to release the S.O.S - The battle fleet immediatly hear it and ask for instructions....Avon rushes to the teleport and tells Orac to operate it, just as he does he hars a communication from Central Control "This is Blake...destroy everything"...

Scorpio is fired upon and is utterly destroyed....

Avon, Orac and an unconcious Dayna re-appear in the familiar teleport bay of The Liberator...standing in front of them are the rest of the crew, very shocked and very bemused.

Avon looks at them and smiles "Isn't anyone going to welcome me home?"
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 14, 2004 10:28 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Xenon Base and Scorpio have been destroyed, the Federation battle fleet have returned to base.

On Liberator Avon explains that every other DSV is a new one, built by the Federation, but the original ship, the one they now have was built by an alien race and therefore not everything could be copied.

When Servalan used Orac to relay all rebuilding information he purposly chose not to inform her of this - what the Federation have is a workable battle fleet, but one with some serious flaws...such as their auto repair units will not function therefore once hit they are lost...Servalan may have created a battlefleet but it's a one use only fleet and useless in the long term.

Avon explains that the genuine Liberator was hidden by Servalan, she wasn't stupid enough to use the only blue print she had. ORAC was the only one aware of where it was and flew it to Xenon by remote access through Zen.

The others tell Avon that he should have told them what was going on but he doesn't want to hear it, he tells them he now knows who is calling the shots at Central Control and everyone is shocked when he tells them it is Blake.

Avon tells everyone that Blake has betrayed them all, but especially him - he therefore wants to gain access to central Control and see Blake face to face...he is prepared to drop them all off somewhere safe if they do not want to join him.

At Central Control Blake is very happy with the rebel cull, he orders a day's celebration and gives all personell absence of Leave...but warns that they will need to be back and prepared to battle the following day.

Blake returns to his office where he recieves a personal coomunication.

"This is Avon Blake, I am still alive and I need to see you" He also tells him to reply via certain coordinates so he cannot be traced.

Blake looks very confused....he recognises the name and voice but doesn't know why. He calls in a guard and asks him, the guard tells him that Kerr Avon was a rebel leader, killed on Terminal by Servalan, he also tells him that he was one of Blake's Crew in the early days.

Blake looks visibly confused, he gets details up on his screen and slowly looks at Avon and the original crew's details - including Blake's.

Cally, Vila and Jenna all agree that a trip to Central control is far too risky, but Avon very determined - he tells them they would all be dead if he hadn't have had some forthought on Xenon and tells them they have a choice, to either leave now or come with him to find Blake - there are strong words and accusations, Orac interupts them all by annoucing he has a message from Blake.

"This is Blake, it is good to hear from you Avon, I agree to a meeting, no trap, no guards, just you and me, I'll send you the coordinates".

The crew are visibly shocked at hearing Blake's voice and Avon smiles and tells them that he is not only going to see Blake face to face, he is also going to kill both him and the Federation - he tells Orac to send a trace to the coordinates, and relay them as instructed.

As The Federation celebrate Blake is in transit to the rendevouz, he recieves a message from Central Control and replies by telling them that he is on private business and should not be destrubed.

Liberator arrives at the rendevouz and Avon prepares to teleport down - the others are to stay and keep scanning the area - Avon leaves.

On a small clearing in a woodland area Avon arrives and surveys the area, he then stands by a tree and waits.

Back on Liberator the sensors indicate that although only 2 people are at the rendevous, 3 lifeforms are being detected.

Blake emerges from a clearing and welcomes Avon - who walks over and tells him they have things to discuss.

As the crew watch from The Liberator the two men are getting along ok and talking, although Avon is very defensive and untrusting.

Avon tells Blake that the reason he came was because he has no memory of him, but Blake tells Avon all about the early days and the success they had - Avon then asks Blake why he killed Travis and Blake says that he had to - Avon immediatly pulls a gun on him and explains the he knows that he is Blake's clone and that he hadn't killed Travis...he tells him that The Federation were to lose their second president in as many weeks.

Avalon, worried that Blake may have been brainwashed demands immediate teleport before Avon kills him...

Avon meanwhile draws Blake into the middle of the clearing and tells him that he's waited far too long for this - Avalon suudenly appears and Avon turns and kills her - Blake makes a run for it and Avon gives chase. They fight on the ground before Blake gets hold of Avon's gun and a shot is fired...Liberator's screen goes off.

Blake falls to the ground...dead!

Avon looks up and smiled "I wondered when you'd show up" he says with a smile.

Aboard The Liberator Avon and Blake appear, they sit with the rest of the crew and explain that Orac has been tracing Blake's path, Avon contacted him a few days ago and planned a redezvous, when Avon heard about Blake being the President the real Blake explained about the clone and so a trap was set - the Clone Blake wouldn't have risked not knowing more about himself...he hungered for his own memories.

Blake then announces that he needs to get back to central Command - he will now take on the President's role and give as much information as possible to Liberator, who can then pass it on to other rebels.

From now on they will fight the Federation from both inside and out...

Blake teleports back to his ship and returns to Central Control...Avon turns to the others and tells them that they have turned a corner, the final battle was about to begin...Jenna asks about Avalon to which Avon replies....WHO?
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 14, 2004 10:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Blake is back at Central control and asks for full reports on all Rebel alliences, he discovers that three further attacks are planned and re-directs the battlefleet for Practise proceedures.

He meets with the high Council and tells them that enough rebels have been hunted of late and they now need to concentrate on expanding rather than fighting.

He calls the laboratories who have been working on Pylene Fifty and tells them he wants all information relating to the project.

Back on Liberator ORAC is working on overdrive as all the information comes in, getting a cure for Pylene Fifty is paramount whilst the battle fleet have been re-directed.

Cally tells them that once this is at an end she wants to return to Auron and start to hekp rebuild it, Jenna tells her that they will always have a price on their head - until Vila reminds her that as far as the federation are concerned they are all dead.

Avon tells them that that is the way it has got to be at the moment, if the Federation Council got wind of them being alive Blake's leadership will be questioned.

Avon sends a message via Orac to Blake, he wants to take out one DSV at a time, coordinates of one on a training mission are relayed and Liberator changes course to intercept.

Meanwhile a group of rebels are contacted by Blake and teleport braceletts are sent in order for them to teleport aboard and take charge.

Back at Central Control, the latest batch of criminals set for transport to Cygus Alpha are also given teleport bracelttes and told to prepare for an escape.

As rebel group and the awaiting prisoners are teleported through ORAC Liberator closes in on it's prey and open fire immediatly destroying the DSV.

Back at Central Control Blake calls an emergency meeting and declares that the Federation are being made fools of - someone within the council is a traitor and until they are caught the council is disbandied...Blake, the president will make ALL decisions until then - giving him ultimate power.

In order to show his rule Blake orders an attack on 4 rebel bases (which do not exist) and as the battle fleet goes out more ships are ttacked by the the newly taken DSV's.

Vila is getting very excited as the Federation begins to crumble from within, but Avon warns that there is a long time to go - if Blake gets overthrown they will be back to square one.

Only 2 DSV's now remain in Federation control and are sent back to central Control in order to protect the President.

Blake orders the High Council members aborad one of the DSV's in order to send them somewhere safe, whilst at the same time giving it's coordinates to other ships.

As the high council leave that sector they are intercepted by three rebel DSV's and fired upon, a space battle ensues resulting in the counciler's ship being destroyed.

With just one DSV left a bomb is teleported onboard, destroying not only the ship but Central Control's forcefield - the gateway is open for attack.

Blake is teleported onto The Liberator where he watches as Central Control is blasted to nothing - battle ships are launched but quickly shot down.

Rebels from the other DSV's teleport down and act as ground troops, freeing as many people as they can whilst battleing the Federation guards.

As Blake looks on he sees his long dreamed ambition of destroying the federation once and for all.

As things calm down and Central Control destroyed The Liberator leads it's new rebel fleet of 3 DSV's - Central Control's destruction will leave the Federation is absolute termoil.

Dayna asks where they are going...."To secure our victory" says Blake and orders Zen to set coordinates for "Cygnus Alpha" "We've got allies to free..."

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 14, 2004 11:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


With Central control gone, the Council dead and their Presidnet missing the Federation puts emergency powers into operation.

Commander Leige takes control and orders an immediate battle fleet grouping - all ships from all Federation planets within 2 days of Central Control are to converge for an emergency briefing.

All Federation bases are put onto the highest alerts and any irragularities are to be reported immediatly.

The Liberator and it's rebel battlefleet arrive and leave Cygnus Alpha, having collected more prisoners and future rebels - Blake then tells them to do what they have to do and meet at their rendevous point if fifteen days.

Avon and Blake discuss tactics and soon come to blows as Blake wants to destroy the Federation's communications centre. Avon argues that they've been there before and came out with nothing - even Star One turned into a disaster and nearly lost them their lives.

Cally and Jenna back Avon whilst Vila and Dayna agree with Blake.

Cally suggests that they find a base, somwhere they can gather all the rebels together and discuss a plan of action. Blake tells them that they haven't time for that, they need to keep moving and fighting.

ORAC relays details of the Federation's collective and warns that every base is now on high alert - all DSV's are to be fired upon on sight and Central Control is already working under emergency repair.

Realising that the destruction and taking of the DSV battle fleet was only a minor victory Avon agrees to attack the Federation Communications Centre - much to Cally and Jenna's anger.

Commander Leige orders immediate back-up for Central Control, for it is under it that the Federation Communication Centre lies.

Blake, already aware of this information truns Liberator around and heads back to Earth...

Blake himself teleports down, his clothes ripped and torn and looking beaten.

He lies down and soon a guard finds him and orders medical attention - Blake is back on the inside.

Whilst waiting for Blake's instructions Cally gets frustrated and decides to go down, Avon warns her that she could jeaposize everything but she suggests that Blake may need help - Dayna agrees to go with her, and much against his own judgement Avon goes too.

Vila tells Jenna that they've hit the Federation hard, and in doing so are far more wanted than ever before, Jenna explains once again that they are dead as far as the Federation is concerned - Vila suggests they won't think that for much longer.

Dayna calls in, they are under attack and need immediate teleport but Avon says no and continues to fight, unsure of what to do Jenna operates the teleport.

Just as she is about to be teleported Dayna is hit, she arrives on Liberator dead.

Avon and Cally continue to fight, but all the while the guards gain in numbers...soon they are surrounded and stand up to surrender.

Blake appears and orders a ceasefire, he walks up to them and tells them they are now prisoners of the Federation and will stand trial - they are led away.

Vila and Jenna, unsure what is going on call for backup.

Blake visits Avon and Cally in their cell and explains how lucky there were, their bracelttes are broken and he cannot contact Liberator without alerting the fleet, Avon suggest they break out, get to the communications centre and do what they came to do - but Blake explains that it's like a vault and impenetrable...until Cally suggests that they are put to work there...as prisoners, it must need some repairs afterall.

Blake agrees and sends them down knowing that rescue will be difficult.

Back in orbit another DSV arrives to help Liberator, but is quickly spotted and fired upon and without an auto repair system is paralysed - Liberator fires on the attacking Federation ships - alerting the authories further to their whereabouts.

Blake, carrying a case full of explosives rushes to help Avon and Cally, they find the control centre and start priming the charges,

They are soon detected and a gun battle ensues, Blake calls for a ceasefire "I am your president" but Commander Leige has arrived and Blake is no longer president, having seemingly helped the rebels.

As the Federation continue to fire a group of rebels teleport in from behind them and counter attack, Blake, Avon and Cally manage to get out and grab teleport bracelettes...and finally get out.

The Liberator leaves orbit as quickly as possible before more gun ships appraoch, as they head off the Communications Centre explodes, the Federation are now blind.

Once they have reached safety Blake sees that the rebels from the pralysed DSV have all teleported aboard.

Vila informs them of Dayna, and Blake says he's sorry but many others died today also.

He promises that this is just the beginning...there's still a long way to go. Avon smiles "for some, possibly".

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With Blake no longer in a position to advance the rebel cause Avon suggests a period of rest and contemplation, he is more than backed up by Cally, Jenna and Vila but Blake is adamant that they continue to ride on their current success.

Avon tells Blake that he can do that with another ship, Liberator is his and he will not take risks with it while they are tired.

With the other rebels onboard against an immidiate continuation Blake agrees to a 24 hour rest period and Liberator heads out of Federation Space to a planet named Jalyd - a planet where people used to take vaccations in the old days, a planet of calm forests and seas.

Meanwhile Commander Leige is forging ahead, with only basic communication he is aware that any orders or directives could be intercepted.

He sends out a command to destroy any DSV on sight and any rebel activity crushed - engineers are shuttled in to get the communications centre up and running again.

On Lalyd meanwhile the rebels are resting - until Orac informs Avon that there are Federation signals by-passing them underground.

Avon and Jenna investigate and soon find a vast factory workforce being watched over by Federation guards.

Jenna returns and tells Blake what they have found whilst Avon keeps watch, when backup arrives they go further to see what they can discover.

Back on Liberator Vila is enjoying the wine when one of the rebels begins suggesting that Blake and Avon are going to get them killed...why fight when they have the ship and possible freedom - Vila agrees to an extend, only to be looking down a gun and told to take the ship out of Orbit.

Commander Leige has gathered a new Council together and discusses the devestation that the rebels have created, he warns that unless they wipe them out once and for all The Federation will become powerless and that cannot be an option.

Down on Jalyd the rebels discover that the factory is making the new drug - Prylene Fifty, the drug to which Blake didn't get the cure - if they could destroy the factory the Federation would be hit where it really hurt, their control over people would be taken from them.

They head back to the surface, Jenna agrees to wait in case she can get any further information.

On board Liberator Vila is getting tired of being ordered around, the rebel threatens to kill him but Vila tells him that no Vila, no ship and on their return he will be killed by the others, the rebel seems unteterred and shoots Vila in the leg...take this ship out or die he is told.

In order to get supplies Cally and Avon return to Liberator - only to have a fight with the rebel - they end up in a shooting match and the teleport system is badly damaged.

At Central Control the council meeting comes to an end - OPERATION XENON is confirmed, engineers are given immediate orders to proceed and stop the rebels in their tracks.

Whilst deciding she's waited too long Jenna starts to return, but slips and falls directly onto the factory floor, unconcious.

Blake and some rebels return underground, they cannot see Jenna and take it more slowly, only to be surrounded by Federation Guards in an ambush.

They are taken to holding cells with 3 guards, Jenna however is being interigated and Commander Leige informed.

Leige immediatly takes action and gives orders for any appropriate action, even if it leads to death, he also tells the guards that Blake should be held but the others disposed off.

Blake is taken from his cell and asked who he is, when he doesn't reply the guards open fire and kill many rebels, he still refuses and more are killed - but he still refuses telling the guards I'm obviously not the same person you think I am.

He is taken to where Jenna is being held and asked again who he is - he refuses again, but this time a guard appears with a large syrenge and Blake is warned that unless he starts to answer questions she will be injected with a lethal amount of Pylene Fifty.

Avon is working to get the teleport system back in order but without ORAC cannot do much, Avon decides they must try and land the Liberator - something they have never done before and something that Zen feels is a great risk. Vila is slipping in and out of conciousness as Liberator begins to decend.

Blake is still refusing to budge and so Jenna is held ready to be injected, Blake tells them that if they kill her he will say nothing at all, if she lives, they may get something out of him - one of the guards pulls a gun, aims it at and kills Jenna in cold blood.

No more games blake...

As Liberator makes a landing the force and weight make the ground shudder, the underground factoy begins to fall apart, giving Blake a chance to knock a guard out of the way and escape.

As he runs through the factory another gunfight ensues, but he's too quick and makes it out just as it seems to cave in.

He makes it outside to see Liberator sitting there and runs onboard. Avon comes running out and grabs Orac from under a tree, as he runs back he's fired upon but not hit.

As Liberator takes off Avon asks where Jenna is, Blake tells him she is dead, just as Cally appears...

All three look at each other and Blake turns to walk out..."You're losing your crew Blake" Says Avon.

"No Avon, I'm losing a crew, I no longer take responsibilty for anyone...not even you two!"...

Vila emerges hobbling and and tells Blake they should never have fiound him, they should have left him to rot like he did them. Blake walks past Vila and pushes him over and continues walking - "It's about time you stood on your own feet Vila, either get it together or get out, I can't afford any more mistakes"...

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Commander Leige is becoming more famous throughout the Federation - his rule is of Iron and mistakes are paid with lives.

With the Communications returned he sends a message out that is intercepted by Liberator " OPERATION XENON" is now complete.

Avon and the others are mystified by this, although Blake seems to have his mind on other matters. Avon tells Blake they need to look into what it is, but Blake says they have a more pressing engagement - Earth!

Cally and Vila tell Blake it would be suisidal to return, the Federation communications are working perfectly and they would be shot on sight.

Avon agrees, but Blake is adamant and Liberator's course has already been set - Avon attempts to fight Blake but he pushes him to one side and tells him to grow up - "We're going to die at some point Avon, and when I do I want to go down fighting".

Avon, Cally and Vila discuss he's unstability, Vila suggests that he is the clone, but Avon disagrees, suggesting that something happened to him when we weren't around, and whatever it was wiped that grin of idealism from his face, for that we should be thankful".

ORAC has been fixing the teleport when Avon asks for where the ship is headed - ORAC tells him they are headed to Earth, but will make an approach from System 37, below that of Earth.

Meanwhile in System 37 a small planet is suddenly atomised and destroyed - The Techyon Funnel has been used.

Zen immediately reports that a shockwave is heading towards them, they take evase action but Liberator is flung through space crippeling many of it's systems, they are just above Jupiter and helpless.

Zen is offline and Orac cannot begin to start telling them what is wrong.

Avon tells Blake that the Techyon Funnel is far too strong a weapon, they need to destroy it as it is unusable in many instances.

Commander Leige is at a secret location, in what looks like a mortuary, he peels back a cloth and smiles, then another and then another..."Perfect" he says "Get them ready for their final journey".

Liberator has been detected and a squadron of fighters have been scrambled, Avon is working overtime just to get Zen back online, as they work at getting some systems working the fighters get ever nearer.

Zen eventually comes back online and ORAC gets all life support systems functional.

Blake and Cally have been working on the weapons when they suddenly come across something they had no idea existed...A techyon Funnel - Servalan had one installed into Liberator!

As the fighters approach Zen warms the crew, Blake rushes in and tells Avon about their new found weapon, he and Cally bring it online and take out the fighters all at once - they now have the ultimate weapon at their disposal.

Commander leige returns to his ship and is told of of the Liberator's weapon, he calls for "OPERATION XENON" to begin with immediate effect.

At an unknown Federation base thousands of guards line up ready for inspection, infront of them are 4 new DSV's with new modifications and hundreds of Fighters. A loud announcement is made: 4 days and counting...

The Liberator is finally ready to travel and a course is set for earth, Avon is still against it but Blake now wants to use the Techyon Funnel to destroy it once and for all.

Cally is horrified that he would destroy an entire planet, but Blake warns them that there will have to be sacrifices in order for them to progress.

As they approach earth Zen informs them that they are at a safe distance to use and witness the weapon without being part of the cause and effect.

Cally pleads with Blake not to use it, Vila even suggest they try something smaller, but Blake is adamant.

As he prepares to fire Avon pulls out a gun and tells him to stop his madness, Blake tells Avon that should understand...war is full of sacrifices...and then launches the funnel.

As they watch on the monitor Earth is anhialated.

Blake turns to them all and tells them that this will bring them new hope...but Avon raises his gun and tells Blake that the new hope will be ruled by a new fear - no better than the fear that people have known in the past.

He tells Blake that he's become so self obsessed that he cares about none of the consequencies of his actions and the rest of them are not prepared to be part of that.

Blake tells Avon to grow up and see sense, he tells him that without such actions they will never be free - Avon replies by telling Blake that he thought he was free, until he showed up again and put yet another price on their heads, he tells him that when they were dead they were safe...and that's the way it's got to be again now.

Avon raises his gun further and points it at Blake "You wouldn't have the guts" warns Blake....Avon fires 3 times, until Blake falls down dead..."Wrong again Blake".

Avon turns to Zen...Zen Get us out of here...
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Avon has taken Liberator and is heading towards the planet Aristo, the planet where Ensor lived and created ORAC.

Once they have arrived Orac operates the teleport and they all go down and eventually get to Ensors laboratory.

Once there they decide to have a rest, Liberator is within the planet's forcefield (operated by ORAC) and is therefore safe from attack.

Avon, Cally and Vila discuss their futures, Avon tells them that Blake was right, eventually they will all make the ultimate sacrifice - but they need time out right now.

Cally is still shocked that Blake changed so much, she cannot believe that he would have killed so many people by destroying Earth, just for the sake of it.

Vila decides that he's had enough, he wants out now, it's all gone on long enough and he's seen too many friends get killed.

Cally states again that she would like to return to Auron and start over again, while Avon wants the Liberator and fly outside Federation Space once and for all.

As they look around the lab they find some form of headgear - ORAC explains that it was one of Ensors' entrtainment inventions - when put on the machine sends your subconcious to a paralel life. He never went any further with it because the mind would always find something nasty and therefore could be dangerous...but it doesn't stop Vila putting it on....

The rest of this episode sees Vila as a Gladiator in Ancient Rome as he awaits to enter the colleseum, he's strong and not at all cowardly, the complete opposite of his real self...as he prepares for the tournement by talking with the other Gladiators the crowd begin to chant his name.

As he enters the Arena the noise screaming his name is deafending...then as he prepares to fight a gate opens and a man in black amour enters the arena.

They begin to fight and it's a good one, Vila has the advantage many time...but then he's thrown to the ground and as he looks at the Gladiator above him he sees the face of Travis, sniggering and laughing and aiming his ring at his head, Servalan is also there, by his side laughing...

...Vila is shouting and Cally manages to get the headset off just in time. ORAC explains that the reason Ensor didn't go further with the "Life Source" was because for every good thought one had, there was a bad one to accompany it and it could seriously affect people's minds...kill them even".

Vila stands up and suggests they make a move, Avon agrees, they've been here for 2 days and should be moving on...Vila is shocked at the time spent there, but Cally assures him that everyone has rested.

They teleport back to Liberator and Avon gives Zen instructions..."Standard Speed to Gauda Prime".

"What's on Gauda Prime" asks Vila

Avon smiles.."A date with destiny"...
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Liberator heads to Gauda Prime, a planet with no rule. Avon has made contact with a rebel base there, he intends to give them transport to another base in exchange for new Federation plans.

Most of this episode is about looking for the rebels and eventually finding them.

Meanwhile at the Federations secret base Commander Leige is giving a final talk to his men, he tells them that the Federation is strong again and that the rebels have not only been beaten, but broken too. He tells them that they know of their orders and the time has now arrived to serve those orders without failure.

On Gauda Prime, after meeting with some very nasty characters along the way they finally find the rebels and are told of OPERATION XENON - a huge military operation that will extend Federation Space by at least 30 new worlds, it will give the federation more power as more people are put to slavery and killed.

Liberator changes course and takes the rebels to a new base on the Planet Mortum, upon arrival they are teleported down and the Liberator prepares to leave...

...The Liberator is surrounded by Federation fighters, evasive action is impossible states Zen.

As Avon Cally and Vila look to the screen they see Commander Leige who asks that they surrender or else they will be destroyed...
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ORAC explains that the Federation fighters are somehow invisible to the radar and therefore undetected, the rebels on the surface are slaughtered, their screams heard on The Liberator.

Avon turns to Orac and tells him he needs a very small favour from him, and it could well be the last favour he asks for...

The teleport comes to life and 20 Federation soldiers appear, surrounding the crew and forcing them into the teleport...they are then teleported onto the Federation ship.

Commander Leige welcomes them and sends them to the cells, Avon asks what he'll do with them...the answer is simple, Leige will put them on public trial, in which the Federation audiences will vote on the verdict...with the ability to sentence to death!

Down under the surface of Mortum is the new Federation Central Control, Avon, Cally and Vila are locked in a cell to await trial, whilst there they discuss their options and come to the conclusion that there aren't any.

The trail begins and as the three rebels are led in they are followed a reporters, it's like some form of entertainment show.

As they are sat down to await the charges the jusges enter the room - SERVALAN and TRAVIS!!!

Avon immediatly sees that they have been set up - the rebels they helped were nothing more than a ploy to bring them here and the time taken to create new models of Servalan and Travis would have been immense - therefore after going to all this trouble, they weren't expecting a Not Guilty verdict.

The trial continues and catagorises their crimes - all three look on as past crew members and friends, given new life through OPERATION XENON give evidence against them...

The trial concludes with the watching audience being told Vote Not Guilty and they will be set free...vote guilty and they will be destroyed for your entertainment.

After some time in the cells as they await the verdict they are finally led back to the courtroom.

Commander Leige smiles at them knowing that for once the Federation will not kill for the sake of it, they will give their subjects the right to vote and that will empower them to back the Federation.

As Avon, Cally and Vila stand for the verdict a lineup of crack troops appear before them.

Servalan and Travis appear and the verdict is read out: NO OVERALL VERDICT

Servalan stands and tells the prisoners that a verdict of neither Guilty or not guilty has been given.

Therefore it is not within the court's juristiction to offer either Death or Freedom.

The prisoners are therefore to be taken to the prison colony Cygnus Alpha where they will remain until they die...

Avon looks and Vila and Cally and smiles.

THE END.........
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