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Caption Competition picture of the month

Hee Hee!
This one made us giggle the most!

Avon: "That wig does nothing for you, Gan."

by K. M. Wilcox

Here are the rest of the entries:

Avon: "Blake I want you to stop staring at my ass all the time!"

by Bayban the Baker

i told you i'm not sharing my duty free toblerone

by johnny woof

All right guys! My ACME gas analyzer will tell me without a doubt which one of you clowns keeps cutting the cheese!

by --GM--

Blake(in a wisper) hey Vila, does that make his butt look big?

by Lechar

Vila--Do you know your standing on my foot?

Avon--you hum it and I`ll play it

by Shaza

AVON: I wonder if we can get jazz FM on this bad boy!

by Al Henderson

Avon- Now where do we plug this charger in?

Jenna-If thats the charger, how big is the phone?

by shaza



Avon: Yes Jenna, this is MY electric toy organ....and stop sniggering behind me Blake, I can hear you !

by Jo

(vila,blake,Avon)I stole this here box from Ms. Callahan's class, I can't resemble whats in it but i beleive theres enough to feed a small army for a light year.

by madison friends

A pound of lead is heavier than a pound of feathers.

by Don

This is all I have sense the wife kicked me out.
Hey can I have me box of stuff back.

by Peter

AVON: It has come to thought that i have invented a new computer that will simplify the toilet. It flushes, deodoreizes, and unclogs the toilet, which I know that one of you has a problem with
BLAKE: looking down and feeling embarassed blames vila.
VILLA:(blushing) I swear, it was orac's fault, he uses to much toilet paper!
ORAC:I do not not use toilet paper.

by Don

Well sorry Jenna, but now we've got a drum machine we're starting a boy band.

by John Harrison

Can some one program this VCR for me.
I want to watch Bambi

by Peter

Hey I finally fond the stereo who whats to listin to some toons!!!!!!

by Peter

Avon-"I have ordered these three new neutron blasters and none of them seem to work.
I will have to go down and ask for replacements
Teleport now!

by Don

Gena: What are you...hey, Isn't that the box Cally keeps her pet moon disc in?
Avon: What pet moon disk?
Gena: The pet moon disc that cally asked you to watch for her while she was gone.
Vila: We were...ummmm-
Avon(interrupting vila) It was all vilas fault! He forgot to feed it and take- take care of it and-and-and I don't think your buying this at all...

by Lechar

Jenna: "No you don't you three perverts! I know what you have hidden in that box... hand it over!"

Avon is shocked to find that their "secret" stash of porn videos were not as secret as they thought.

Villa: "There goes the Friday-night entertainment"

Blake: "Ohhhhhh Noooooooo!" (closes eyes in shame)

by Mat

Okay, I've entered all one million and three captions in this computer and all I have to do to determine the winner is press this button...No, wait----It was this

by goatman

Avon: We now pay tribute to Gan who we had cremated. His cremated ashes testify the fact that he was a big man since we had to find a big box.

by Luke Sutton

Avon: I plan to hit Gan over the head with this thing to stop him from snoring.

by Luke Sutton

Avon: Transport Zens voice box of this ship immediately. He keeps waking us up.

by Luke Sutton

Avon: "who's for an After Eight?"

by Gina

Avon: "With this, I'll be able to infiltrate the Federation net, and is Blake writing stuff on my back - again?"

by K. M. Wilcox

Avon: "This 'toy', Jenna, is a Rebel Alliance Troop Transport, circa 1982. Mint in the box, it was worth 25,000 credits. Now, it's junk."

by K. M. Wilcox

(and would you please stop calling me a faggot!)

by ---GM----


by goatman

No it isn't! The VIC 20 is never obsolete!

by goatman

It's Travis's birthday and we've clubbed together to buy him a new eye. At least it should see him through the week!

by John Harrison

....And all because the lady loves Milk Tray.

by John Harrison

Jenna: What's that?
Avon: Well I believe that who ever made liberator also created a interesting version of an inflatable doll. It has five different speeds. Blake and Villa tried it on speed three and look at them, they are completely knackered! If you want a shot you'll have to get in line.

by Luke Sutton

Jenna: What's that?
Avon: You ever wondered how Liberator gets rid of its waste. Well now you know!

by Luke Sutton

Jenna: What happened?
Avon: While we were in combat with one of the new federations spaceships called the Vibrator. Liberator suddenly got too excited and this popped out of one it's Jefferies tube. It was quite disgusting really!

by Luke Sutton

Orac is taliking the day off so we have to use sorek 9 to get info, he is quite interesting as a box.

by Don

We couldn't find anything cool for the set, so we used this here box and spray painted it.

by Don

"And as you can see it is an ordinary box..."
Blake groans as Avon begins to demonstrate his latest magic trick.

by Spidey

Hey, cool arcade game!! Where do you put the quarter??

by Sarajane

Jenna: Ok Avon, let's see you explain this one away....what are you doing with my sex aid??

Avon: Errr.....

by Darkside

Avon: Vila - look gormless. Blake - shut your eyes. I'll hold this grey box and look like I'm saying something patronising to Jenna. This way, we are SURE so make the September caption competition photo.

by emzi restalez

It's my new drum machine Jenna. Only - don't let Vila play with it. It's bad enough that he looks like Phil Collins, we don't want him sounding like him as well..

by emzi restalez

Don't be so smug! I really CAN play the harmonica!

by goatman

Once again, Avon is called upon to show the crew how to program the Liberator's VCR.

by Elusive Lisa

no I am not teaching you how to use the latest Vodafone, phone jenna and besides I haven't got any credit on it.

by tarrant2000

Avon: This the Black box from that federation concord space ship. Trying to see why it set up into flames

by Tarranat2000

Avon: Well, thats the last time I ask for an N-64 for my birthday!

by Ray Arrell

Gena: What on Earth are you doing in my room!? Avon: We just... we wern't going to steal your pokemen stash and sell it to Servalan, honest!

by Lechar

Avon: "Ah Jenna, we er... we just came in your room to borrow your tape recorder!" Jenna: "Then why are you wearing my knickers Avon?" Avon: "Er..."

by Tainted Travis

"No, you can't play with us Jenna. You're a girl!" Joining Avon's "Kool Kagoul" gang was not easy on the Liberator.

by Tainted Travis

Avon: Yes with this editing machine not only do I plan to get rid of Servalan, but I also plan to give myself some bigger credits. Jenna would you also like to co-star in my movie?

by Luke Sutton

I found this in one of the rooms at the back of the ship. I believe that it is the proof that I've been looking for. I believe that not everything on this ship is cardboard!

by Luke Sutton

Avon: How many times Jenna must I tell you never to put Orac in the transporter? It really screws him up!

by Luke Sutton

Avon: the energies contained in this box are incredibly
dangerous - they made Vila and Blake go all mellow and sleepy
for a start, as you can see!

by Roderick

Vila - "Careful Cally, Avons got his gadget and hes not afraid to use it"

Avon - "trust me, its loaded and it works."

by Minnie

Vila, blake and I would like to play connect four so if you don't mind please move YOUR Game so we can play.

by Don

Anyone for Quality Street?

by Steve

BLAKE:He still hasn't realised iv'e just gave him a wedgie

by ILikeSpaceGoats

Avon: Now this is a neutron generator for the main blasters.
Blake:But we didn't need one.
Avon: when you live on the dark side of the planet, it doesn't matter what we have.
Cally:what doess that have to do with it?
Avon: nothing

by Don

The pizza delivery man looked strangely familiar as he demanded 5 million credits for their 'Crispy Deep-Pan Pepperoni Deluxe'...

by Phaedrus

I know you're looking at my bum Blake. Now stop it.

Avon's new panoramavision gadget was going to spoil all the crew's fun.

by emmapeel

Well of course it's a big shoebox. Just wait 'till you see the new boots! You'll never want to hold hands with Blake again.

by emmapeel

Avon "Hey comeo on guys its a Tb303 synth classic! its sounds really retro, listen" <avon hits start button and tried to dance> "come on dance!"

by Paul Maddox

Avon: It looks like Servalan is up to her old tricks again. Super glue on a cardboard box!

by Luke Sutton

Avon: Yes, I bought it for 100,000 credits from an old friend at Federation Computer HQ. It's a top-loading catridge model, with dual control, more powerful than Orac, with a billion megabytes of power.I don't yet know it's full workings and capabilities all I know is that it's name is....Atari.

by emzi restalez

Avon: What is the world coming to when a classicaly trained actor is forced to apear in a cheap, run down programme such as this. I mean look at theis prop! It's a cardboard box with lights! I went to Oxford you know! I want more from life!
Blake: Be quiet Avon, and and hand me the decoder.

by Ewan

Avon: The props just get cheaper and cheaper don't they.

by Ewan

Avon: Don't move! I have a long carbord box that is meant to be a weapon of some sort and I'm not afraid to use it!

by Ewan

Avon: Are you sure this what i ordered Jenna, this sandwich looks a bit srange to me!

by Gina

Avon: Jenna, help! Vila and Blake are after my cookies!

by Roderick

I've got your new wig in here, Jenna. Made out of the finest
dead badger hair. I've got a lid on the box coz it stinks a

by Roderick

Avon: Albatross! Albatross!
Jenna: What, no ice-creams? No wafers, popcorn? Drinks?
Avon: No, only got the albatross (very small ones,
Jenna: Some cinema this is!
Avon: Look, do you want one or not?

by Roderick

That's a big organ Avon.. can I play with it?
No, Jenna. I'm not in the Moog.

by emmapeel

Jenna catches Avon stealing her electric hair curlers and sends for the lads to sort him out.

by Mistress Tufty


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