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JUNE 2000

It was a difficult decision - but we think that this one was the best of the best this month - it was the 'Bless' bit that bagged it - Jenna definitely has that look on her face:

Jenna: Quick blake look, Avon's playing with his rattle again!, Bless...

by Paul Maddox

Here are the rest of the entries:

Avon: It's a talking peach I tell you, listen.
Blake(whispers): OK Cally, stop winding him up with your telepathy <snigger>

by Matt

AVON: Peach, I could eat a peach for hours.

by Mickeydoodles

last one I promise!!

Jenna: I know you see programming as an art form but did you really need to cut your ear off?

Blake hums 'starry starry night' in the background...

by Emma_Peel

Avon: Right Blake, let's play spot the difference... Jenna, tart.. tart, Jenna....

by Emma_Peel

Blake: Put your hearing aid back in Avon, and I promise I won't mention your dress sense again.

Avon: Eh? Pardon?

by Emma_Peel

Blake: Are you still making prank phone calls across the galaxy to federation space ships Avon? Avon: Shut up. your spase ship running.... then you had better go catch it..(clck) Genna and Avon: Ha ha ha ha ha! Genna: Do another one. Avon: Ok,ok. Hello.....

by lechar

Blake:So what the heck is it Avon. Avon: It's a umm...(now taking a deep breath) It's A cheap piece of plasic that we have to pretend is a space rock with special powers. Genna and Blake: ha ha ha ha. Director: Cut!!! Can't you just TRY and be a little serious. Avon: Sorry, It's just hard to always be so serious. Direcyor: ....(sigh)

by Lechar

avon:i dont care what you say, i like fet boy slim

by johnnyw

"Mr. Flibble is very cross with you"
"What do you mean, 'where is he then', he's - oh."
"I'll get my coat".

by Louise

Avon: which wone of you wants a bite of this peach?
Jenna: ME ME ME ME ME ME!!!!!

by Ingeborg (Netherlands)

Yes Gan we can hear you...... no Gan we're not having a party (snigger).... no we're just watching the telly (snigger)... what? No it's Star Cops (he he he).... yes, you stay in and wash your hair (chortle)... no, we don't fancy the pub... Cally? Oh yes, she REALLY likes you (cough),,, she thinks you're so tall (everyone falls about laughing)...

by Bob W

its alive dont be silly its only a peach

by scott

And they're calling for LBW but the Umpire says Not-out!

by Bill

Avon:Stop laughing at me blake! This peach realy is talking to me. Blake: Oh wait, don't tell me avon, It's saying"eat me". Avon: ...(sigh)

by Lechar

Avon: c'mon Jenna pull my finger again.

by izzystilldead

Yes Sooty, they did confiscate your water pistol.

by Blake

Avon has finally found his intellectual equal!

by Gina and Maz

"Now, here I have an ordinary peach..."

Despite Vila's training video, Avon *still* couldn't get the hang of his magic tricks.

by Phaedrus

'Sod it this jam tart is too tempting, I give up on the diet'

by Beth

Is that a jelly doughnut your holding, Avon?

by John Weaver

Avon chose the forfeit in the weekly game of 'truth or dare'. But would his ear ever be the same again?

by Phaedrus

Avon: if i can find the other half of this and a piece of string i'll have a pair of ear muffs

by luke sargeant

Jenna: How's our situation, Avon?
Avon: Peachy.

by Adam 'L'

Blake: I know we're both tense Avon, but when I was suggesting a visit to Space City, not Jenna and something from the patisserie, when I said 'How about a couple of tarts....' Bagsy me the pastry one though!

by emma

Jenna: I told you we were on that planet too long... look Blake, the radiation's made his ear fall off....

by Emma_Peel

Avon: Hello Blake, Hello Jenna, I'm Mr Jam Tart!

by Louise

Blake, Jenna! This cricket ball! It's ... it's
talking to me!

by Roderick

Avom... I need to throw a 6 or I will go directly to jail
and won`t pass go to collect 200 pounds

by shaza

avon: you are quite sure that if i stick this babel-fish in my ear it will act as a mobile translator unit?

by rita d'orac

Listen, I can hear the sea!

by Phaedrus

Jenna: Avon, can you really pick up Radio One on that Jaffa Cake ?

by Simon


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