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JULY 2000

There were so many entries this month - so many to choose from.
It was so difficult that we had to get a friend to help us choose.

Dayna and soolin audition for the job of space traffic warden!

by gina

Here are the rest of the entries:


by Daniel Bailey

Kneel before me - I name thee Lord Avon

by Me

Dayna: AAACCHHHOOOOO! (snif) Oh gross! Now I got a big glob of mucus in my helmet.

by Lechar

"Me Me Meee!!!"

"Now I know why they say, never to step in a foxhole with anybody braver than you"

by Strange Music

He was yea high, brown hair, looked like a scared mouse. Nicked my wallet he did!!

by Elaine Bateman

All hail Emmapeel, the high preistess of Lord Avon. The true winner of the caption contest!

by Lechar

hands up if you think avon and servalan are finally going to get it on in the fan story on this site!

by emmapeel

Watch this Soo-lin, I saw Odd-job do this in Goldfinger.

by Bond

Ok then, whos nicked me Harley Davidson ?

by Hulk

"These helmets were specially made for our punk hairsyles Dayna why are you trying to take it off?"


It's fun to stay at the Y. M. C. A.

Blake teaches the crew a new song.

by Lechar

Sorry, that one was me (paarp!)

by Tainted Travis

I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and but the truth

Blake questions Vila on who drunk all the soma

by Section Leader Clegg

Please Soolin, will you take me to the toilet? I can't undo my zipper with these gloves on.

by emmapeel

"We um Native Americans in outer space! How!"
(Not very PC I know, but amusing anyway...)

by Roderick

Please Sir,
I think I should in the Dr Who Studio

by NO 1 Fan

"I am Spartacus", "no, I am Spartacus...."

by Ted Heath

vere Lorrimer tragically misinterprets Ben Steed's script direction "Avon and Tarrant look at Soolin and Dayna; helmets are visible"

by Alta Two

Awww, shoot, you mean tonight isnt the fancy dress night?

by Paul Maddox

"Going once, going twice... Sold! To the Metal Mohican Man."

by Phaedrus

"Please Miss! I want to go to the toilet."

by Phaedrus

The truth about Dayna's little square black moustache is finally revealed.

by Fred

Dayna: OK, altogether now guys.... Y.M.C.A!

by Louise

ok. how many fingers am I holding up?

Blake tests the IQ level of the crew

by Cally

You put your right arm in, your right arm out, in, out, in ,out and shake it all about

Blake teaches the crew a new dance

by shaza

Hands up who wishes they hadn't moaned about the outfits in Sarcophagus after all?

by Emma_Peel

STOP! at the kerb and look both ways...

Avon tired of being a rebel and longed for a cheeky sidekick like the green cross droid...

by Emma_Peel

these non-iron space suits sure are itchy.

by luke

Stop and raise your arms! We are the Stench Police.
<turns to other one> OK, officer, go and smell his

by Roderick

"'s my spout..."

Blake's Entertainment Nights on the Liberator had recently begun to deteriorate.

by Phaedrus

Take me to your leader

by Simon

Llyod Grossman on through the keywhole 2098: "so, who would live in a house like this?" <gestures at stripy wall paper with art nouveau painting>

by Paul Maddox

er...excuse me, can you help - someone has glued our arms together.

by Simon

its fun to stay at the Y M C A!

by Roj

Hands up those who have a spare pringle tube,and some stricky back

by shaza

How long before you get a new ariel for this television?, my arm is
killing me

by shaza

Heil Avon!

by Belatrix

We come in peace.

by Susie

"Hands up if you can breathe inside this suit!"

by Raymond

"hey, do you like the latest head gear of the federation? Well I don't, how much will you give me for it?"

by Ray

We are only wearing these hats so we look like

by Bill

V - I - L - A
We are Vila's Space Mounties

by Simon

hands up if your caption dropped off the bottom of the page....

by emmapeel

Vila: WOW! I never knew you could do the robot dance, Danya!

by Mickeydoodles

Soolin(whispering to Dayna): Whose Idea was it to dare Vila to eat three bowls of chlli.(rrrriiiiipppp) Vila: Sory.

by Lechar

We are very sorry, but could you chaps tell us how to get to the doctor who studo.

by lechar

Following Vila's latest 'beer and curry' binge, and trying in vain not to hurt Vila's feelings, Dayna waved a frantic warning to Avon before he entered the room unprotected....

by Claire

How! Me Dayna, and you are?.....

by Gina

Let's do the timewalk again"

by Mazzie

I told you not to starch the arm of this shirt

by Dayna

Excuse me, but we seem to have lost our way, where is the sign marked exit

by shaza

Avon: Ok crew, lets test your I.Q. level. What is 2+2? Dayna:FOUR!!!!!! Avon: Very good Dayna. Vila, get her a cookie. Vila: How come she get's a cookie? Avon: It's because she answered the question. Now get her a cookie before I break your fingers! Vila: YIPE!!!

by Mickeydoodls

All right, who was the one who ate beens for breakfast.

by Lechar

Hail, king buckethead!

by Chris Fudge

Dayne: STOP! in the name of love...

by Roderick

Soolin: I don't think much of these new 'Femidoms' Avon's invented.
Dayna: Yes, and why are they this big?

by Buck

Blake: every one who thinks i am a great leader raise yor hands, Avon why aren't you?
Avon: simple, useing geographical equasions, your not.

by Don


by Don

"Excuse me..... Does my bum look big in this?"

by Steven. G

AVON:Everyone raise their hand who think that Vila is a stupid drunken fool who should be launched into deep space!!!.Vila: What? I said I was sorry!...I didn't mean to drop Orac!Put down hat gun!! Let go off me! HELP!!!!

by Lechar

Anouncer: Today we watch are fellow species, the humanous moronikous, in their daiy hour of worshop. They seem to be chanting somthing. Our translaters have anounced hat they are saying "Praise Avon, Praise Avon..." Thats all for today folks. Next week we will discuss the species eating habbits....

by lechar

Dayna: Umm... Avon, I think there is a hole in my spacesuit. Avon(in a hurry):Well I'm so glad you said you would go outside and patch up the ship. Now teleport them outside Vila, quicky.

by Lechar

Whoever farted in their spacesuit raise their hand.

by izzy

Dayna: Uhhh.. you mean it isn't halloween?

by Mickeydoodles

Soolin: "What are you doing?"
Dayna: "Orac once told me that if you hold your arm up like this, you get 10 percent more air time to breathe!"

by William Neave

Soolin: "What are you doing?"
Dayna: "Orac once told me that if you hold your arm up like this, you 10 percent more air time to breathe!"

by William Neave

Hands up who wants to kill Tarrant

by Anna Grant


Dayna tries to house train Tarrant before going to the Isle of Man for the TT racing

by Tainted Travis

Avon: Any questions?
Dayna: Yes, how does the gap between the jacket and helmet stop the air escaping into the vacuum of space?
Avon: No further questions then, teleporting now!

by Matt

Blake:Who wants to build a liberater handgun! Danya: Me, me,me!

by Lecher

All Together:Peace Man!

The crew on board the Liberator become space hippies.

by Lechar


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