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Caption Competition picture of the month

Short, Sharp and it made us laugh! Liked it!!
Congrats to David!!!

I'll trade you two Charmanders for one Pikachu

by David Pullin

Here are the rest of the entries:

TRAVIS:Try as i might i can never figure out how to get UK GOLD!

by ILikeSpaceGoats

TRAVIS:Have you got 13 across yet?SERVALAN:Of course I have Trav, it's....(pause).....gudumphe!?!?!?

by ILikeSpaceGoats

Travis: Ha! Ha!
Servalan: #@*%!! How do you manage to make a Tetris so quick, Travis?

by Aloysius

Travis: Ha! Ha!
Servalan: #@*%!! How do you manage to make a Tetris so quick, Travis?

by Aloysius

Travis: Ha! Ha!
Servalan: #@*%!! How do you manage to make a Tetris so quick, Travis?

by Aloysius

Travis:(looking at Servalan) If I have to sit in this rotten chair reading space phonics one more minute i'll kill someone! Servalan: Don't even think about it.

by opusbite

Travis, I *told* you we'd need more people for a proper game of pictionary. This just isn't working, is it?

by Paula

Federation personnel went to great lengths to pretend they weren't reading Harry Potter.

by Tainted Travis

Servalan and Travis were still waiting to use the federation loo block.

by JAR

Servalan: "Oh Travis stop moving your legs about, your pants are squeekey."

by Bayban the Baker

Travis: Oh come on Servalan, just do it! Just this once!!! Servalan: Travis, lets get 2 things strait. 1, woman don,t fart, and 2, if we could we certanly wouldn't light them!!!!!!!!!

by Mickeydoodles

Servalan: WHAT!!!???? What do you mean I'm not in the last episode! The director is gona cautch hell from me!!!!!! Travis: Don't take i so bad(pause)...I get replaced.....

by Lechar

Servalan: "What's the next one Travis?"
Travis: "Erm...2 times 2, even I had trouble with that one!"

by Raymondo

Travis and Servalan's birthdays fall on the same date,
so they give each other presents.

by Roderick

Servalan looks up at Travis...

Tavis: What!? It wasn't me,honest!

by Lechar

Servalan: What was that I just seen you order on your computer screen? Was It Hooked On Phonics?
Travis: Err...No,of course not!
Servalan: Yes it was! You orderd Hooked On Phonics!

Travis: I did not!!!

Servalan:(roleing eyes) Ok Travis, whatever you say.... When it comes would you like me to play with you. It IS suposed to improve one grade level, guaranteed! Travis: Hey!!!....

by Lechar

Travis: Ha! Ha! Ha! I've finaly orderd a pentiem 3 prossessor. I've been waiting for this moment, carefully making sure that they wouldn't come out with a pentiem 4 prosessor! Servalan: Oh Look Travis...they just came up with the pentiem 4 prosessor. Travis: When I get the chance I'm gona shoot Bill Gates with a REALY big gun!!!

by Lechar

"Have you heard of Radio Fox?"
"Yes. I thought the Radio Fox Request Chart was simply splendid!"
Have you been foxed?

by Timothy Claypole

"Your train gets in at Waterloo at 9:45. I'll be wearing a white dress!"

by "mum"

Travis?.... I think I may be pregnant ........


Travis: "err.. servalan?"
Travis What does thios word say?"
Servalan"for god sake travis..."

by gina

Arriving at the 'clinic', Servalan and Travis decide they don't know each other.

by Phaedrus

And they say the waiting lists are getting shorter on the NHS.

P.S. Good luck on Thursday!

by nooki

Help! I can't send a message to you over the net!

by nooki

Travis: I don't think much of your glasses.
Servalan: Well I don't think much of your ring.

by Phaedrus

Servalan: I'm sorry Travis, your card issuer has not authorised the transaction.

Travis: Well I didn't want this edition anyway! I'll wait till it comes out in paperback...

by Tainted Travis

Servalan: Paul Darrow Q&A at 4.00pm, Jan Chappell on at five, costume parade at six; see I TOLD you we were early!

Travis: Let's get to the bar; if I hear that bloody 'Avon's teddy' anecdote one more time...

by Tainted Travis

Servalan: Travis, don't you find that sitting like that really squeezes your balls?
Travis: No?
Servalan: Does for me...

by Phaedrus

Tarvis: Now if my calculations are correct we should leave on our holidays in about half an hour.

Severaln: yes dear anything you say now have you been to the toilet.

by Del Tarrant

Travis: well this doctor likes taking his time, I mean last time he gave me this eyepatch. There is nothing on worth watching when we get in to night Servalan: yes I know.

by Lee parker

Travis: well this doctor likes taking his time.

by Lee parker

OK if you have the chop suey I'll have the crispy duck - now stop arguing!

by unc and gina

travis: 1 across five letters, nations famous kaleds (anag)

by neil

Servalan:Yes! Ive just killed Emperor Zorg on my Gameboy! MHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
Travis:Quiet, I'm trying to read.

by Ewan

Travis:So what are we going to do tonight Servalan?
Servalan:We're going to do what we do everynight Travis, we're going to try to take over the world!!!!!

by Ewan

Servalan:Oh look, Rocky 965 is on tonight

by Ewan

Servalan: "These Palm Pilots are C**P!"

Travis: "Ha, YOU want to try these bloody fiddly Psion keyboards..."

by Tainted Travis

Servalan: "According to my script I end up President of the Federation".

Travis: "According to mine I end up being replaced by Brian Croucher!"

by Tainted Travis

Servalan: Oh my god look Travis, a-a-another spot on my cheek, I told you I was eating too much chocolate lately!
Travis: Stop complaining woman, its not the chocolate thats causing that, its space lurgi!
Servalan:Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhhhhh what about my beautiful face?
Travis: Ha, I've seen a better face on waxwork doll!

by Chris F

Travis: Why do I look like a Romulan, all I need now is those silly stick on ears! It doesn't say anything in this script about it though. I'll have words with that make up department, I think they are beginning to lose the plot!

by Chris F

Travis:Dont look now, but I think were being followed!
Travis:There's a group of suspicios looking men in grey uniforms behind us!

by Ewan

servalan tries with limited success to make herself look more like travis, by wearing an eye patch, what she didn't realise was, that travis only has one eye patch

by Gina

Travis and Servalan are trying to appreciate the entertainment provided in the Doctor's waiting room.

by Demon

Servalan: I thought that you would love it, when I saw them, I thought Travis would really love those.
Travis:Oh great - a pair of sunglasses

by Demon

Travis:Ok! Put down that gameboy, lets have a few hands of whist! (If I can get into this double deck of cards)

by Demon

Travis: look my nokia Wap phone XV2000 is better than yours, I can get color graphics!
Servelan: Humph.. <sulk>

by Paul Maddox

i wasn't sure whether to get "it's a boy " or "it's a girl" cigars so i got both!

by t.c.

Servalan and Travis play battle ship...

Servalan: B5. Travis: Miss... J10! Servalan: Hit(Damm)...

by izzy + lechar

Travis: How many freedom fighters does it take to srcew in a light bulb?
Servalan: I don't know travis, how many(yawn)?
Travis: 3, one to hold the bulb and two to turn the ladder. Do you know why it took them so long? Servalan: I give up Travis, why? Travis: They went the wrong way. Servalan: Travis, I think when you lost your eye half your brain fell out the socket. Now shut up and read your book, I've had enough of your foolishness for one day!

by izzy + lechar

Travis: Now that we have finally captured the Liberator, how the heck are we going to fly it. The owners manual is written in Chineese. Servalan: Dang foreign space ships.

by izzy

Travis: mmmmm, did you say you'd put the kettle on dear?

by Louise

Not much on telly tonight darling.

by Simon


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