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Caption Competition picture of the month

November Competition
Just can't beat the hair jokes! Well done!

Tarrant desperately tried to escape the hairdressing salon when he saw what they'd done to the previous customer...

by Futsie

TARRANT: The fridddge! I have found a fridge!
SERVALAN: How exciting.

by Currer

Tarrent: "No Avon, i can see her shoulder! uck help me"

by Annie

Tarrent: "No Avon! don't lock me in here with HER!"

by Tilly

Servalan: Come on Tarrant! Hurry up and piddle through Avon's letterbox and let's get out of here!
Tarrant: I forgot about Avon's dog! It's trained to collect the newspaper (whimper)...

by Futsie

Servalan: Quick Tarrant, close the door! It's Jehovahs Witnesses!

by Darkside

tarrant: open the bathroom door, i'm going to be sick!
Servalan: yes, i know how you feel. Vila in that see-through dress with no pants on has made me feel rather queasy also.
Avon from inside the door: bleeaaugghh.

by caz

tarrant: i don't care what you say Servalan, Avons hiding in there with my personality and i want it back NOW!!
Avon from inside the door: you've done well without it so far.
Servalan: yes, i doubt anyone will really notice the difference......

by caz

tarrant : my god! i must escape this noxious odor
servalan: oh tarrant, don't be so dramatic, that's just my old friend travis

by freakycat

Tarrant proves his strength to Servalan by opening the largest sardine can in the universe without using the key.

by Slartibartfast

Just a moment Servalan, the glue on this door handle is still drying. If I let go, it'll fall off!

by Simon

I told you not to have beans for dinner

by Waylander

But I only want a little kiss

by Waylander

tarrant...dammit, i will not be stuck in a lift with you.
servalan.. oh come on, it give us a chance to spend some quality time together
tarrant...come on open, i dont care if we are 2 miles above the ground, ill risk the fall.

by ssj-imp, keep that wardrobe closed, i dont want to see any of those 70s outfits again

tarrant. ahhh, too full, doors...wont close...they are going to.....NOOOOOOOOOOOO

by ssj-imp

Tarrant: Where's Vila, he's clever with these things!

by Vila meself

Tarrant - 'I really don't think saving you're finger nails is worth my hernia, Servalan.'

by Octagonal

Serverlan "There's a Tarrant on my starbord bow starbord bow Avon"

by Vidar Raven

Tarrent: Really Avon the place is a bloody mess, you don't want to come in here!
Servelan: O no dear, what are we going to do.
Avon: What are you talking about tarrent! THis is my bloody room!
Tarrnet: Youre a bloody slob Avon. need to have your room cleaned and I'll do for you!
Servelan: I can sit real still and pretend to be a nightstand.
Tarrent: Shut up Servelan!
Avon: WHAT! I just heard servelan! I knew somthing was going on!
Tarrent: Ugh, he he, somthing going on? here? no nothings going on.
Avon: Damn you Tarrent I'll kill you!
Servelan: Honey, do I make a good nightstand?
Tarrent: What?!
Servelan: Ok, how about a lampost then?

by Armpit danny

Tarrant attempted to show his strength by pulling the door open... it was a sliding door!

by cmdahms

Servalan: [backing away slightly] Oh dear... I didn't realize that you couldn't be both resourceful and decorative at the same time.

by DaMo

Vila: Oh come on, Tarrant, let me in! You said you had something tasty in there, and I'm feeling peckish!

by Vila meself

EXCLUSIVE PHOTO: Of the intergalatic sardines contest shows the riegning chapions holding on to their tital for a third successive year....


Tarrent thought he had managed to lock out all the members of the Tarrent fan club. Unfortunatly, their presedent had already sneeked in....


Oh My God - Tufty invasion. If I hide in here he should not find me....

by Jan

Oh my God, let me outta here!! Servalans here and she's amorous. HELP!!!

by Jan

Servalan: "hmm, I wonder if I would look that good in a curly wig?"

by Helen

Servalan is a little worried by Tarrant's attempt to show how strong he is by opening the door.

by Helen

Tarrant: Look Servalan, I've already told you... If you are the girl next to the door, I'm moving...
Servalan: Moving what?
Tarrant: Moving the door, of course.

by DaMo

Servalan: I know you said 'If you were the girl next door, I'd move," but do you have to go so soon?

by Patrick Chapman

Tarrant I don't care if it is the Tuffty baiters society,you can't keep them out forever !

by Vidar Raven

SERVALAN: This really isn't helping my self esteem...

by Currer

Tarrant: "look what you could have won!"

by fred the bear

And things don`t get any better in the BBCs children department either ,
When the back of the clothes cabinet falls off
"The Lion"
"The Witch"
"And The Federation Walk-in Wardobe"

by Magic Pebble

Oh no! Vila's let chewing gum on the door again...

by Currer

D'you reckon there's a hull breach, and the flight deck has been evacuated, killing everyone else on board:?
Or is the door just stuck again?

by Manda Benson

SERVELAN & TARRANT: Let us out! Vila's in here and he's telling jokes!

by Manda Benson

TARRANT: Time's up! Right, Avon, you've been in there for two hours and I've had enough. Granted, you do have unruly hair and stubble. But there's a big queue forming out here and I'm desperate. Honestly, you'd think with a ship as fantastically advanced as <i>The Liberator</i> they could at least afford to put in a separate shower and toilet.
SERVELAN: Oh, stop whinging and go out the airlock, you great wet ninny.

by Manda Benson

TARRANT: Avon, open this door. Your mother's here to see you.

by Manda Benson

Ow Tarrant! You're trapping my fingers in the door!

by Manda Benson

With Tarrant cornered, Servelan reveals her sado-masochistic tendencies.

by Manda Benson

Unfortunately for Tarrant the builders supply yard dumped fourteen tons of green sand right outside the only door of Duntuftin' - and worse yet it was just after Servalan had come round for tea and crumpet.

by Slartibartfast

Servalan: This is the last time I let you book the package holiday.

by Slartibartfast

Servalan looks on as Tarrant realises his hands are glued to the rapidly closing door...

by Slartibartfast

quick tarrant. We MUST get into Avons wardrobe. I'm dying to see you in that black leather number, and i'm sure vila would suit that silver anorak perfectly!!

by CAZ

And our third guy behind door number 3 is Kerr Avon, no need to be shy, you'll like this one.

by Jonny

And you two can stay in your bedroom until you can tidy it up!

by Currer

Tarrent: O god help me!!! I'm trapped in this hell hole of a place with Servalen!
Servalen: Come here big boy.
Avon(outside door): Ha, call me crazy will you. That will teach you.

by Armpit Danny

AVON: Who's in my bedroom?
SERVALAN: Okay, Tarrant, you open the door and I'll whack Avon one when he comes in.
TARRANT: Damn! And all I wanted to do was see his space porn collection!
AVON: I don;t have space porn!

by Currer

SERVALAN: Sorry, Tarrant, but you're NEVER going to win "World's Strongest Man!.

by Currer

SERVALAN <backing away>: No Tarrant! Keep that door closed! It's where they keep the BBC script writers!

by Currer

Tarrant "AVON! LET ME OUT, Im not going to play kiss-me-quick with her"
Servalan "Oh the shame of it"

by Lord_Avon

Even Servalan felt a little nervous as Tarrant prepared to let in Space Command's 'Bad Boys' First XV after they'd already had eight pints of lager, a curry and a stripper...

by Jo Grant

Tarrant: Ming! Just as I suspected.

by CIK

"...Now we just leave the door ajar like this and when Avon walks in, the bucket falls on his head and spills water everywhere!"

by Dave B

As Servalan pressed herself into the ridiculously poor hiding spot in plain sight, Tarrant abruptly lost all peripheral vision and assumed that she must have left the room through the locked door.

by Chaos

Avon: (on other side of door) Avon calling!
Tarrant: We don't want any!
Servalan: D*mn door-to-door salesmen.

by Chaos

Servalan: What's in there?
Tarrant: Cybermen! I think we teleported into the wrong soundstage...

by Chaos

Tarrant: "You can't come in, guys, we haven't even started yet."

by Octagonal

Servalan: Quick! To the escape hatch!
No Tarrant that's the fridge.
Tarrant: Oh well I could do with a cold beer. Damn! It won't open.
Servalan: Well I told you we should have gone to Tempo!
Tarrant: But it was cheaper at Vila Reatal's Econemy Appliances!
Servalan: Quick we've got to hide the TV detector van's comming.
Tarrant: Shall I hide in the fridge???

by Minty-Lee/Al

Tarrant: You couldn't find the manual for this door thing could you?
Servalan: Men!

by M&M

Tarrant: I know Avon's here somewhere... aha! The old hiding-in-the-wardrobe I'll bet!
Servalan: Honestly darling there's nothing going on!

by futsie

Look out! The set's falling down again!

by futsie

Avon and Vila's evil laughs could be heard as the Servalan and Tarrant discovered that they'd smeared glue all over their washing.
VILA: Let this be a lesson to you Tarrant- wash yer own bloody thongs.

by Currer

TARRANT: Hrraaagghh! Bliablke! Blooop!
SERVALAN: Uh, oh, he's flipped, he's finally flipped.

by Currer

Servalan: Oh look Vila's comming down the corridor! He can open the door!
Tarrant: No! I CAN DO IT! GR!

by Al

Tarrant I know some men find me frightening,but they don't bolt for the toilet as soon as I say hello.

by Vidar Raven

Tarrant: #@*%!! Avon calling!

by Ewen Zathras

Tarrant: NO!NO!NO!
Servalan: You've got to keep Chris Boucher out, Tarrant! Who knows what'll happen if he gets a chance to write again!
Tarrant: I know! Why don't you help me.
Servalan: I am helping. I'm supervising

by Ewen Zathras

You idiot Tarrant,the notice said push not pull to open the door!

by Vidar Raven

Tarrent. " Let me out, Let me out ! I don`t want to be in another Tanith Lee episode... "


Servalan to herself, " Dammit.. Stuck on a planet with only Tarrent for company... and he`s more interested in braking into my wardrobe than me !"


Oh no !
They`re going to discover our secret affair
Look out of the door Tarrant
What do you see ?
It`s just a small bunch of trees
It`s the COPSE !

by Magic Pebble

Tarrant: Look, open the door, somebody! We've got a woman who's been glued to the wall in here!

by Martin

Tarrant: ...98...99...100... Ready or not, here I come!
Servalan: [Snigger] He'll never think of looking here.

by Martin

Tarrant: ...98...99...100... Ready or not, here I come!

by Martin

I need the loo!

by Tufty
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