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by Emma Peel

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About Wobblevision/Episode Guide


{short description of image}

avon, gan, jenna and vila are feeling a bit squiffy.

vila says it's not too much drink, though.

vila might be sick later.

{short description of image}

blake knows where he can get some anti-acids that might help.

he's got some rechargable batteries to swap with a mad professor.

{short description of image}

blake and cally go to visit the professor, who lives by the seaside.

{short description of image}

by coincidence, servalan and travis are on their holidays by the beach, too. servalan decides it would be fun to go through the underground tunnel chutes.

{short description of image}

travis lets servalan go first. it's not so he can look at her bum though. no. not one bit.

{short description of image}

blake and cally go to tea with the professor. he's so pleased to see them, and delighted with the batteries. he also offers them his old atari games console.

{short description of image}

blake offers to show him the ship.

but the mad professor is very tired. he has a seat and sends blake off with the atari. (ok. he dies. I was just trying to spare your feelings, ok?)

{short description of image}

avon, meanwhile, thinks some sea air might do vila good.

vila can't see an ice cream stand or even anyone selling whelks. he does see travis with a big gun about to shoot blake though...

{short description of image}

blake is avon's bestest mate, even they don't like each other very much.

that may say more about avon than blake.

anyway, avon shoots travis before he can fire on blake.

{short description of image}

they all go back to liberator. everyone feels groovy after taking the drugs blake brought back. they play with the atari, which turns out to be called orac. orac, however, shows them a prediction of the future...

{short description of image}

the liberator being blown up!!!

oh my god!!!

it's the end of series one cliffhanger!!!!

the end!

(for now!)

About Wobblevision/Episode Guide


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