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About Wobblevision/Episode Guide

The Web

the web was filmed at brighton and features our most expensive props yet!! including...

doodled on chip cartons! (the actors wouldnt fit in my rucksack)

kathy's jacket as the forest!

tomato ketchup!

louise's pringles tube teleport bracelet!


and starring john's arse as the strange new planet...


{short description of image}

cally is possessed (surprise surprise)

she's bopped vila on the head ....

and the liberator is on course for a strange new planet

{short description of image}

{short description of image}

ouch! cally burnt her hand fiddling with the controls to make sure that no one could put the liberator back on course....

(don't worry, it's only lippy. aren't my nails in a shocking state?)

{short description of image}

and now it's stuck in a great big wodge of candyfloss and can't get out

{short description of image}

brave blake pops down to the planet and meets the putty people.

they can't talk to him, but something is making them very very sad.

{short description of image}

then blake meets the blue veiny people, who are a bit spooky, kind of like the butler and his sister in the rocky horror show. they promise to eat all the candyfloss if blake will give them new batteries for their game boy, but the downside is that the putty people keep stealing mario cart, so they are going to kill them.

{short description of image}

avon comes down to see blake.

they can't find the toilets so they go for a walk in the forest.

{short description of image}

avon is grumpy with blake so he hides the batteries under a tree.

{short description of image}

this makes the veiny blue people very angry and they give avon a nasty chinese burn.

{short description of image}

they go to see the blue veiny people's boss,

mr floaty-head-in-a-tank, and give him the batteries. he is very happy as he has just reached the fourth level of donkey kong.

{short description of image}

the putty people are not very chuffed as they suspect mr floaty-head of programming in 'cheats' to give him unlimited extra lives.

so they stomp the blue veiny people to death.

blake and avon run away.


{short description of image}

by the time they get back, jenna and cally have eaten all the candyfloss in a mad pmt sugar craving, and the liberator flies away safely.


the end

About Wobblevision/Episode Guide

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