Wobblevision - Cygnus Alpha

by Emma Peel

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everything wobbles....
About Wobblevision/Episode Guide

Cygnus Alpha

{short description of image}

jenna, avon and blake are bonding with zen....

{short description of image}

jenna on a very personal level...

(full scene censored - over 18's only)

{short description of image}

meanwhile vila and gan are stuck on prison planet cygnus alpha feeling very grumpy.

no tv, no fridge, no microwave, no nothing.

{short description of image}

blake works out how the teleport operates and pops down to see how they're doing. he asks them all back to the liberator for a party to cheer them up.

{short description of image}

jenna and avon explore the ship.

jenna find the retro 70s fashion hell room.

avon finds a room full of something he likes, too.

{short description of image}

meanwhile blake is asking the mad monk who runs cygnus alpha if he can take the others on an outing. he isn't very happy about that, as he suspects they may want to do something that isn't very holy...

{short description of image}

a big fight ensues.. vila hides under a table until it's all over..

{short description of image}

damn! blake teleports back up to find that the mad monk had beaten him to it... and wants to take over the ship and have big parties himself!!!

{short description of image}

clever avon sends him ito outer space, where he explodes.

{short description of image}

blake gives a boring self righteous speech about fighting the federation.

avon does some more bonding with things he likes.

the end!

About Wobblevision/Episode Guide

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