Wobblevision - The Way Back

by Emma Peel

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About Wobblevision/Episode Guide

The Way Back


It was pointed out to me that a guide for beginners should start at the beginning... so here's 'the way back.' I was putting it off because there is no lord avon, but if it has to be done, get it out of the way quickly....

credits:- sets coutesy of the who (Tommy) and Thunder; zig and zag. And as usual my coffee table.

Reccomended soundtrack: thunder's 'everybody wants her' - might as well while i've got the album cover out....


{short description of image}come with me blake - i can give you some news about your family

hold on matey! this is outside - we aren't allowed out here...{short description of image}


{short description of image}hi! i'm forster. I lead the rebellion, but you already knew i was important because of the spangley arms on my jacket.... watch avon blake, as he gets more manic his dress sense will get wilder....

Forster you know you're not allowed to stand on the grass! watch out or the parkies will get you....


{short description of image} oh my god! they killed the resistance! here come the parkies with guns.. i'll just hide over here....


{short description of image}

aargh! they got me..... flashback to the last time the parkies got me.... it's just them erasing my memory and i know emma can't be bothered building a catsacn unit so we'll move on to....


{short description of image}hi blake, i'm you're lawyer... I've been accused of WHAT!!!?

i offer no defence! my defence is my innocence!! oh.. guilty. that must be what they pay him for, then.

{short description of image}


{short description of image}welcome to the holding cell - we're waiting for deportation too, to the off world prison planet cygnus alpha. sorry, thought i'd explain the plot a bit there. i'm foxy jenna, the only woman on the ship. this is vila, he's just nicked your watch.


wow i'm a dedicated lawyer! i've just found out balke's been set up....

haha! but I am evil dev tarrant, a double agent, and i'm going to kill you! remember the name by the way... it will be oddly ironic in later episodes, especially the last one ever....

{short description of image}


{short description of image}

poignant shot of space and the earth out of the prison ship 'london' as the end titles come up...



the end


About Wobblevision/Episode Guide

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