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everything wobbles....
About Wobblevision/Episode Guide

In a remote part of the galaxy lies an inhospitable world called Stockton on Tees Obsidian. Here brave souls battled against the odds to make a Wobblevision production of:


Inspired as ever by Emma Peel


At great expense, the scene is set with a special effects extravaganza of a volcano (no stock shots from the BBC archives for us).

Dayna and Tarrant teleport down next to a volcano. "What's that?" says Tarrant. "The volcano," says Dayna with a sigh.

Dayna and Tarrant are feeling a bit hot and sweaty after their encounter with the volcano, so they try some of the local deodorant, with knock out effects.

Dayna and Tarrant wake up in a hippy camp underground where they
are greeted by Hower and his son Bershar.

Hower tries to sell Tarrant and Dayna some postcards.
"We got them in a job lot from the BBC special effects department," explains Hower.
"And we have to make money to fund this complex somehow."

Back on the Liberator, Avon, Cally and Vila try to work out why Obsidian escaped the war, and wondered if Blake was there, little knowing that such thoughts were to become a habit. Nobody seemed to care where Jenna was any more.

Servalan heads for Obsidian with yet another plan to capture the Liberator.


Servalan lands on the planet and meets Milus the hippy, who gives her directions.
She kills him, because she's like that.


Avon eventually works out something is wrong so decides to go down to the planet.

And lands near the volcano, another chance to show off our outstanding special effects.


Dayna and Tarrant have had enough of the hippy way of life
and so Bershar shows them the exit…

On To Part Two!

About Wobblevision/Episode Guide

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