Wobblevision - Ultraworld

by Emma Peel

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everything wobbles....
About Wobblevision/Episode Guide


or, the man with two brains


this weeks credits:-

sainsbury's j-cloths for all sets, costumes and special effects

my mate fi for her excellent help polishing my table so it's nice and shiney, not like space, but a nice change for me.


look at that quality special effect! that must have taken ages!

cally: look avon, it's a wonderful new blue planet. let's go for a look! go on! avon: no. don't like the look of it.

cally: (grr! avon spoils all my fun.. i'm going anyway....)


don't you love him when he's angry?

where's cally?? oh, she must be exploring the planet... well it's past bedtime, we'd best go look for her.. get your bracelets...

zzzzzzzzzzzz... alooone....

having a kip? are you sure she isn't possessed? that's odd... if you look through one ear you can see clear through to the other side....

these are the best costumes we've seen you do yet emma!!

hi, we're the ultra. yes, that's ultra washing powder with the new bluey whiteness. no, that's our natural skin colour, we live on 100% blueberry juice. now, we collect brains... umm.. but it's been a lean month, you'll do, i guess....

meanwhile back on the liberator....

jimmy tarbuck has nothing on vila....

orac i'm bored... do you want to hear a poem? right, there was a young man from uranus....


paul mckenna lives! you are feeling very sleeeepy avon... right, when i click my fingers, you will believe you *are* elvis presley....

snog ahoy!

they want to watch us what?? tarrant that is the lamest excuse you've come up with yet!

but dayna... it's for science... for the good of mankind.. and if we don't, it'll hurt and i won't get to sleep....


wow! the earth really moved, huh?

no, tarrant, it was an explosion. there's a big hole in the wall, look.

was it a bomb?

no, just the pressure created as your ego grew too big for a confined space....

right, i've found cally and avon's brains... now which is which? eeni, meeni, miney...


blimey! that was close....

if everyone's in their right minds, let's get out of here! orac's been feeding vila's jokes into the planet and mary whitehouse has demanded the bbc destroy it as no. one priority. quick, before anyone says the last line of the limerick!!!

wow! that's an even better special effect! i didn't think it was possible!!




the end.


About Wobblevision/Episode Guide

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