Wobblevision - Trial

by Emma Peel

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everything wobbles....
About Wobblevision/Episode Guide


in which blake and travis both have a lovely day.

not together, of course.

avon is a bit grumpy, as usual.

cally isn't possessed, but then she isn't in it much. neither'svila.


sets courtesy of a new plant my mum bought me

and the book 'name that plant'


{short description of image}

ooh what a lovely day.. off for a bit of fly fishing i think.. got my rod... my maggots... my lunch.. my neutron blaster (you never know...)

where's blake?, asks avon (thinks.. ha ha! he's gone! and the ship is mine! all mine!)

{short description of image}

{short description of image}

oh. he wants us to wait for him. ter-bloody-ific

{short description of image}

meanwhile in a court room far away.... travis is under pressure

'call those manacles? they aren't even tight you nonce! my defence? emm... same as blake's in the way back, go and look at that episode. well of course it will work *this* time! do you think i'm mad??

{short description of image}

ah, the great outdoors.... the wind in your hair... the earth under your feet.. whoops! the earth's sliding away..

i'm falling....

{short description of image}

no no no! you bloody tourists coming in and stomping on the environment... treating the place like the hippies treat stonehenge... i don't know.. you have to keep moving, tubby, or you'll break it! (mutters.. man of nature my arse...)

{short description of image}

guilty? guilty?!!! we'll see if you think this gun is guilty too!

{short description of image}

ok cally, we'll wait till you see him in the teleport bay, then hit 'go'. No, of course i'm not blocking your view on purpose...

{short description of image}

right servalan... i want 6 billion credits and a one way ticket to accapulco now! a knackered old shuttle and 2 mutoids? well, if it's the best you've got...

{short description of image}

avon (through barred teeth a la

roger de courcey when he's doing nookie's voice)

welcome back blake.

(thinks.... all he has to do is kill one more of them and they'll vote me captain! i *am* popular! i *am*!)



the end

About Wobblevision/Episode Guide

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