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everything wobbles....
About Wobblevision/Episode Guide

Wobblevision continues its move into territories new with its second fan fic production:
Travisí Troops
A Blakeís 7 Prequel by Joshua Bentley
Shot on location at Redemption 2013 in Coventry
The true story of how Travis and Servalan met.

Travis is in a bad mood and his troops are demoralised having just lost a fight.

He sets his troops a-thinking about a fight they could win to boost their confidence.

So they invade a peaceful planet and can be seen here beating up one of the citizens; he hasnít technically had Federation permission to do this, but itís enjoyable so he doesnít care.

Travis has more fun throwing the planetís king off his throne.

Travis makes members of the planetís government bow before him.

Travis orders a massacre of those who refuse to bow.
Many are killed but some sneak away.

One of the escapees contacts the Federation and Kasabi answers
(note the clever split screen).

So Travis can remember those who have sworn allegiance,
he gives them all a silly hat to wear.

The Federation troops and Travisí army have a bit of a punch up.

Kasabi and Servalan arrive at their own convenience.

Travis sits on the throne awaiting the inevitable, guarded by his two most loyal troops Ė Section Leader Klegg and Dev Tarrant.

Servalan and Kasabi enter the throne room and Klegg and Tarrant
immediately bow before them.

Servalan and Travis have an epic standoff.

Kasabi shoots Travis in the leg forcing him to beg for mercy.

Servalan grabs Travis by the ear and tells him she may have a use for him in the future, which is why she is not killing him, yet.

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