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From Betchworth Quarry
we present

Time Squad

A WOBBLEVISION extravaganza
Inspired as ever by Emma Peel

Featuring some scenes shot in the original location!


It's Avon's birthday on the Liberator. Fed up with fleeing
the Federation, he demands to do something
less fatal for a change.

Unfortunately Blake's already booked a blowing-things-up
party down on Saurian Major. The others argue...

...but Blake ends the discussion by falling asleep.

Suddenly they come across a not-at-all-suspicious
abandoned spaceship. Jenna and Blake decide to go joyriding.

They take the ship for a test drive, but it looks like
it needs some work.

Avon guides them back into the Liberator's garage.


Avon, Vila and Blake leave Jenna to play with her new
ship and have a boy's night out on a nearby planet...


...where Vila makes friends with a man-eating plant...

...and a mad woman attacks Blake...

...sending him rolling down a hill...

On To Part Two!

About Wobblevision/Episode Guide

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