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About Wobblevision/Episode Guide

On the fourth satellite around sunny (honest) Glasgow in Easter 2014,
some brave souls tackled a re-filming of a classic Blake’s 7 radio play:
The Syndeton Experiment
(Warning: Those offended by naked flesh, kissing,
bondage and so on should read no further)

On a planet far, far away, Tarrant and Avon are getting impatient waiting for Vila.

Slave interrupts Soolin and Dayna doing a bit of tidying up to tell them that the Feds (we know, we don’t like the word either) are moving in on Avon and Tarrant.

Vila is quite happily getting drunk in a bar when the Feds raid.

Avon and Tarrant burst in to rescue Vila.

Avon gives the crew a lecture on how they need to fight back and how syndeton can help; Tarrant starts talking about parsnips (look, we didn’t write the script).

Meanwhile, Servalan chats up Captain Vledka over a drink.

While the men have a nap, Soolin gets annoyed with Orac as it explains to her and Dayna how syndeton works.

Servalan seduces Vledka over a caterpillar moose (that’s what it says here).

Avon recalls how he used to know Madame Gaskia very well in the Purple Nightingale.

Servalan and Vledka discuss the plan the following morning in bed
but Vledka gets a little excited so Servalan reaches to turn off the light
(this was far more graphic in the radio version).

Later, Servalan and Madame Gaskia discuss coming to an arrangement
about who will control what.

Avon and Tarrant are given a tour of Gaskia’s palace.

When Avon and Gaskia inevitably meet, they catch up with old times
(Oh dear, everyone knows what happens to those who snog Avon).

Seems like it is already going wrong for Gaskia as Tarrant holds a knife to her throat while Avon questions her. “If you liked it rough, all you had to do was ask,” says Gaskia.

Servalan and Vledka arrive to save Gaskia.
Looks like Gaskia has a little longer to live, so she celebrates by slapping Avon in the face.

Avon teleports up just in time but Tarrant is stranded as he’s forgotten his teleport bracelet
(and before anyone asks how he got on the planet in the first place, listen to the radio play and be bored, I mean mesmerised, by the clever scripting).

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