Wobblevision - Star One

by Emma Peel

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About Wobblevision/Episode Guide

Star One

this weeks props - thanks to claire for helping me with the shopping and hairdryer wangling...

- 2 hairdryers, a kenwood handblender and a desk lamp

- liquorice allsorts

- a spikey melon and a sachet of sainsbury's raspberry salad dressing

- album covers from Thunder and Duran Duran

- tin foil and a breadsticks box


{short description of image}

avon and blake are having a big fight about whose turn it is to drive. it doesn't look like they are ever going to decide, so they both agree to spend some time on the nearest planet, to calm down.

{short description of image}

that planet turns out to be star one. Cally goes too. It's a very dusty old planet, and they get quite thirsty. Cally spots a tea shop. Avon decides not to go in - he can't resist cake, and Blake's made some very nasty remarks about Avon's growing tummy lately...


{short description of image}

Meanwhile Blake has a slice of battenburg and Cally tucks in to an Eccles cake.

{short description of image}

outside, Avon meets Travis. Travis' tummy is even bigger than Avon's, so Avon knows he can eat lots and lots of cake in front of Travis, and none of the calories will count.

{short description of image}

A young lady turns up. Travis runs away. He's not very good with girls. She says she doesn't want any cake, she'd like jelly instead.

{short description of image}

Avon blows up the waiter and turns him into jelly to make her happy. He has such a way with the ladies.....

{short description of image}

Meanwhile Travis discovers that Blake has had the last bit of battenburg. He's furious and shoots him....

{short description of image}

Jenna and Vila are fed up playing with Blake and Avon, who never bring them back any cake. They call Servalan to see if she'd like to play - they've heard a rumour that she has a large consignment of jaffa cakes due soon...

{short description of image}


eek! As Blake fell over, he kicked a lever and blew up the communications centre attached to the tea rooms.... he's left the way clear for a huge invasion of hairdryers. Jenna's quite happy about that... she likes to look nice.....

{short description of image}


But Avon isn't. He always has a bad hair day whatever he does, so he doesn't want anyone else having nice hairdryers to out-coiffeure him.... He orders naughty Blake to bed without any supper, then stays to use his neutron blasters and blow up all the styling products in the vicinity.



About Wobblevision/Episode Guide

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