Wobblevision - Seek-Locate-Destroy

by Emma Peel

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everything wobbles....
About Wobblevision/Episode Guide

A Transatlantic Eclecticon production brings you
the classic Blake’s 7 episode


In which budget cuts caused a number of cast members to double up their roles,
including the similarly looking Jenna and Travis and the twins Avon and Gan,
sometimes in the same scene thanks to ground-breaking special effects.
We are sure Emma Peel would approve.


Vila breaks into the camp.
Hurry up, says Blake, I’m planning a party later.

Successfully into the cipher room, the rest of the crew beam in.
From the left, Avon, Gan (you can tell him from Avon because of the limiter),
Blake, Vila and Cally.


Cally holds the guards prisoner – one of the guards looks strangely like
Travis (or is it Jenna) and the other like Servalan – odd that.

Gan rips out the cipher machine watched by an impatient Avon.
“Shall I do it for you?” he asks.
“I thought you were,” he replies.
“Well hurry up, we’ve got a party to go to.”

 Gan sticks a bomb on a wall…

…which blows up Cally.

Everyone’s back safely, says Blake (centre), let’s start the party.
Jenna (left, looking a little like Travis), Vila (on the floor, where else?)
and the Gan-Avon entity agree.

Hastily acquired extras Rontane and Bercol give Servalan a hard time
for not capturing Blake. Servalan reassures them.


Servalan is in her throne room, keeping an agitated Travis waiting outside.
“Hurry up, I’m bursting,” he says.

Servalan lets him in, but won’t let him do the
business until he promises to get Blake.
“Depend on it,” he says through clenched teeth and crossed legs.

Oh no, says Travis, they’ve stolen the cipher machine.
The guard, who looks a lot like Servalan, interrupts to say
they have found a strange woman in the rubble.

The strange woman turns out to be Cally, and Travis takes
pleasure in torturing her through tickling.
“This is just like what Jenna does to me,” giggles Cally.
“Come to think of it, you do look a lot like her.”

The morning after and Blake tries to find Cally to clean up the mess.
Then an awful thought occurs to him…
Has anyone seen her since we got back? he asks.

But it all turns out OK as Blake rescues Cally
from under Travis’ nose.

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