Wobblevision - Space Fall

by Emma Peel

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About Wobblevision/Episode Guide


in which we are introduced to the great lord avon!!!

{short description of image}

singing... 'doo do do do doo do doo.. we're all going on a ... what? this isn't a red double decker bus?

blake isn't cliff richard?

we're really going where????

oh. damn.

{short description of image}

blake, meet avon. no, no, they're not dead, they're just swooning at his lovlieness - and honestly, can you blame them?

listen, if you still want to take over the ship and get back to earth, he's your man.

he's got a zx spectrum and everything so i bet he can reprogramme the ships computers if you can find a way to get him into the control room.

{short description of image}

no, jenna, i don't mind crawling through the maintenance shaft to get to the computer room, but can you stop using it as an excuse to perv at my bum? now go and annoy blake for a bit, ok?

{short description of image}

poor nova follows avon through the shaft, but there is a storm.

as the ship tries to repair itself he is killed by a mass influx of cavity wall insulation.

avon is still alive though, so we don't really care.

{short description of image}

clever avon opens all the doors and blake and jenna scamper off to see how he is getting on with the computers.

{short description of image}

however the evil guards start killing the other prisoners until blake comes out of the room.

open the doors, close the doors, make your darned mind up, thinks avon.

(who always remembers to put the toilet seat down afterwards. that's why more women love him.)

{short description of image}

blake jenna and avon are in biiiiig trouble, detention and everything, until by chance another shiney ship flies out of nowhere.

there doesnt seem to be anyone on board. so the prison ship captain decides to dock with it and see if he can nick it.

{short description of image}

oops! all the guards who board the ship are killed by it.

so the captain agrees that avon, blake and jenna can risk their lives finding out what happened.

he trusts them not to steal the ship.

which is very wise considering they are all convicted criminals.

{short description of image}

zen, the computer on board the ship makes 'very special friends' with jenna, and agrees to let them stay.

(when a motherboard and a humanoid life form love each other very much...)


{short description of image}

avon is fed up.

blake doesn't want to have jolly japes meeting new life forms who wish to learn how earth men love.

blake wants to follow the prison ship and rescue all the prisoners.

and he hasn't been able to wear any leather at all yet.

and he hasn't had so much as a snog.

it's going to be a long flight, thinks avon.


the end

About Wobblevision/Episode Guide

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