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About Wobblevision/Episode Guide

The Wobblevision crew have been sent to Coventry to seek Redemption and so push their skills to the limit to perform a production of the Blake’s 7 radio play:

The Sevenfold Crown

Servalan gives Avon a good whipping, which Avon seems to be enjoying.

It turns out it was all a dream.
Dayna wakes Avon and wonders why there is a damp patch

On the bridge, Avon impresses the rest of the crew
with his tricky hyperspace manoeuvre to escape a Federation ship.

Vila tucks into a lizard burger
(he obviously couldn’t find any booze, or a writer hadn’t done his research properly).

The crew, apart from Soolin, land in what looks like an old quarry
(some things never change, even on radio)
and are attacked by a fearsome creature.

Avon and Vila break into Servalan’s office and hide behind the sofa in case Doctor Who comes on the telly. However, it turns out to be Doctor Kapple they have to worry about as they overhear Servalan showing Kapple the stone round her neck that has given her new powers.

Servalan tells Lieutenant Vledka to kill Doctor Kapple,
with Avon and Vila getting more nervous behind the sofa.

It turns out Servalan knew they were hiding all the time and tells them to come out.
“Don’t worry,” she said, “Doctor Who is having an annoying mid-season break.”

Avon tries to get the stone but Servalan uses mind control to stop him and then Vledka helps overpower Avon before Soolin manages to teleport Avon and Vila out.

Soolin and Dayna cuddle up to Orac
and promise him extras if he tells them where Servalan is heading.

On the holiday planet of Torella, Avon is a little surprised to see a rat with six legs.

The crew teleport back up, but one at a time as the teleport seems to be on the blink.


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