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everything wobbles....
About Wobblevision/Episode Guide

The Wobblevision team present a
leg crossing interpretation of the Blake's 7 episode:


With thanks as usual to Emma Peel

Tarrant and Dayna watch Vila trying to break into the loo on their new base.
"If I don't get in soon, I'm going to explode," says Vila.

Meanwhile Avon has been captured by three daleks hommiks,
watched by the planet's other natives - the seska - from the left Luxia, Kate and Pella.

Avon is brought before Gunn-Sar, the leader of the hommiks and the local pool champion.
"You look like a man, you smell like a man," he says to Avon.
"Fancy a game of pool," says Avon, nervously.

Vila, meanwhile, is still trying to get into the toilet. Pella sneaks up on him and hurts his arm.
A surprised Vila came very close to not needing to get into the loo.

Pella treats Vila's arm, helping him forget his bursting bladder.

Avon proves he really is a man by stopping Gunn-Sar hitting Nina.
"You two'll have to fight over me now," giggles Nina.

The daleks watch Avon and Gunn-Sar battle with an umbrella and glove.
"I may have made a bad choice of weapon," thinks Avon.

Avon cheats and plugs Gunn-Sar into the mains.

Pella and Luxia are captured by the daleks, and Kate is shot (but not exterminated).

Avon and Pella push open the door of the cell, which was blocked by a sleeping guard.
"Oh dear," says Pella, innocently,
"I think you've pushed him off his cushion and knocked him out."

Avon and Pella sneak up on Nina, who is stealing Luxia's necklace.
This scene is shamelessly sponsored by Eclipse, a Heroes convention in November 2008 in Northampton.

Avon tries to steal Pella's necklace but she telekenetically repels him.
"That's cheating," thinks Avon. "I'll have to use my charms on her."

Avon's charms work and he steals her necklace during a kiss.
"That means I'm dead before the end of the episode," thinks Pella. "And I was hoping to be the new crew member."


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