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everything wobbles....
About Wobblevision/Episode Guide


While contemplating the beautiful city of Chester one Easter weekend,
a gathering of like-minded souls created a Wobblevision production of:


And even some explicit corpsing and excruciating torture
were not going to stop the episode coming to a web site near you.

Inspired as ever by Emma Peel

1. Vila plays barman and serves drinks to, from the left, Avon, Dayna and Tarrant (keep this picture handy as it will help you work out who is who later)

2. The beautiful - and bearded - Chesil with the equally beautiful Poola are in charge of the communications centre, but Poola is naughty and deletes a message

3. As a result, Poola gets interrogated by one of the troops (an event both seem to take great pleasure out of - perhaps Poola knows the fate that lies in store for her)

4. Servalan arrives to have a nice, friendly chat with Grose (note mutoid in background)

5. Back on the Liberator, the Orac cash register suggests that
Tarrant and Vila should hop it, onto a passing troop carrier that is

6. Oops, Vila and Tarrant teleport on opposite sides of a dividing wall

7. But Vila isn't worried as he finds a new friend in Doran - this is the shot for the femslash fans

8. Doran and Vila celebrate their new relationship at a party
with the rest of the prisoners/troops

9. Servalan, Grose and Lector decide to have a meal together
(and at great cost, we hire a real waitress to do the serving).

10. But Tarrant rescues a reluctant Vila by knocking out Doran

11. Tarrant pulls a gun on Vila. Stuff that, thinks Vila, I'm off to find Doran

12. Meanwhile, Tarrant gets knocked out by a bazooka (why wasn't he in little bits?)


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