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everything wobbles....
About Wobblevision/Episode Guide

The Wobblevision team turned detective while remembering
Terry Nation in Birmingham to produce the Blake’s 7 episode:

"Mission to Destiny"

Inspired as ever by Emma Peel

As money is no object, the Wobblevision team produce extraordinary special effects (well, better than the BBC anyway) to show the Liberator crew watching a spinning ship on the viewscreen.

“That looks fun,” says Avon.

“Oh yes,” says Cally. “I want to play on the spinning ship too.”

“OK,” says Blake, “we deserve a day out. Let’s go over to ride on the spinning ship. Maybe there will be other attractions too, such as a murder mystery game.”

In the cockpit of the spinning ship, they find Rafford slumped over the controls.

“It’s a dead body,” screeches Cally.

“Maybe,” says Avon, “Blake was right (surely I didn’t just say that) and it is a murder mystery game.”

“I’ll just take his pulse to check,” says Blake. “Eeek, he really is dead.”

A quick search of the ship, and they discover the rest of the crew having a nap.

“We can’t have this,” says Blake, “sleeping when there’s a murder to be solved. Let’s wake them up.”

“WAKEY, WAKEY,” shout Avon, Blake and Cally.

The crew reluctantly get up muttering about it being Monday morning already and whose turn was it to make the coffee.

To cut a long story short, the crew give Blake a neutrotope to take to their dying planet Destiny. Blake can’t resist doing a good turn, so he takes the neutrotope along with Gan, Jenna, and Vila to save the day.

Cally Watson and Sherlock Avon are left on the ship to solve the murder.

The Liberator doesn’t get far though before it hits some bad weather. Blake gets out his brolly and tries to get through the storm, but eventually gives in and turns back.

Cally Watson discovers a dead Dortmunn on top of a wardrobe (OK, it’s not a wardrobe, but you know what health and safety regs are like these days).

“Hmm,” thinks Cally, “I reckon Dortmunn didn’t do it. See, I can deduce stuff just as good as Sherlock.”

She doesn’t seem too worried though about the lurking Sonheim.

Mandrian is also found dead, reducing the number of suspects even further.

Sorry this is a bit of a bum shot, you can hardly see the knife.


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