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everything wobbles....
About Wobblevision/Episode Guide

Redemption moved to Sheffield in 2017 but they
couldn’t escape Blake’s 7 Wobblevision who turned up
to carry on filming the Big Finish full-cast audio series
with Mirror. 

1.4 Mirror

Cally beams down to a market on Vere to find Kade…

 …but Jenna stamps her foot and has a strop with Blake because she wanted to go.

So that the listeners can follow the plot, Avon explains to Vila what is going on.

Meanwhile in a tent on Vere, Kade is getting impatient and takes out his frustration on a mutoid.

The rest of the Liberator crew head for Stellidar Four. In case you are still working out who is who, from the left they are Vila, Jenna, Avon and Blake. The Fox is Orac and Zen is a flip chart. Zen is trying to warn them of something, but Orac stops him. The crew do not seem bothered about this.

Down on Vere, Cally sees Travis pushing his way through a market. Travis is the one wearing the purple dress, as you’d expect.

The liberator crew spot an unmanned supply ship heading for Stellidar Four 
and decide to hitch a lift.

Travis meets Kade while the mutoid lurks in the back of the tent.

Travis kills all of Kade’s troopers.

Cally sends a telepathic message to Kade for him to tell Travis that she is on her way. To explain, Travis was trying to lure the Liberator crew here because he knew Jenna wanted to kill Kade and Cally also wants Jenna to kill Kade.

Travis kills Kade anyway; Jenna will not be happy. 
(Note the clever split-screen special effect in these two pictures).

 Avon, Blake and Vila beam over to the supply ship; Vila is wearing body armour – remember this, it is important later.

The supply ship was meant to be deserted but they find a scared woman – Locklan – in tears.

Jenna – still in a strop – decides to take the Liberator back to Vere so she can kill Kade. Orac objects; she ignores him.

Avon, Blake and Vila disembark into a warehouse where Locklan proves surprisingly useful in disabling the service robot.

Orac beams Jenna down to Vere.

Now that Jenna is out of the way, Orac overrides Zen and takes the Liberator back towards Stellidar Four.

Down on Vere, Jenna has found Cally, who hurt her hand when Travis went bonkers blowing everything up.

A robot shoots Locklan who disappears, apparently disintegrated. Note the word “apparently”.

Travis and the mutoid have taken over a pursuit ship and are heading towards Stellidar Four.

Not to be outdone, Jenna and Cally take over a planet hopper.

Vila picks a lock to get Avon and Blake through a door, but remember the word “apparently” because surprise surprise Locklan is not dead but is eavesdropping. That clever split screen is back.

More split screen action as Locklan calls the president to tell him of her progress in catching Blake, Avon and Vila.

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