Wobblevision - Dawn of the Gods

by Emma Peel

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everything wobbles....
About Wobblevision/Episode Guide

Dawn of the Gods

in which avon is a bit of a git really, and cally saves the day. no, really. it's even *because* she's possessed this time.

no fancy sets but spacesuits courtesy of benson and hedges fag packet liners.


evil orac is plotting....

{short description of image}

they get to do whatever they like week after week... it's not fair.... well i want to see a black hole, so i'm gonna make zen take us. so there.

{short description of image}

aaargh! what's happening to the ship? it's almost like we're.. we're heading into a black hole!

avon decides to grab the only survival suit which upsets tarrant very much

{short description of image}

avon you swine! you *know* its a size 12.. i'm a size 12... you're a 16 if anything.. look how you've stretched the seams!

{short description of image}

never mind that. the ship needs someone to go out into the black hole and repair it. now who shall we pick....?

{short description of image}

they put me in this suit and send me out.... where there's no air... and now my helmets fallen off.. don't appear to be dead tho', that's odd.. in a good way... tarrant was right about these seams being stretched tho'.. specially on the trousers...

{short description of image}

suddenly a huge scarey machine appears to scare the crew who have come out of liberator to be scared.

apart from dayna. she doesn't scare very easily.


this was the only model i had almost as scarey as the scarey machine.

(it's a sheep)

{short description of image}

hello! i'm a foppish chap and i'm here to tell you it's not a black hole at all, no no no, and i need to borrow cally to be possessed by one of the mythical gods of auron, ok?

tarrant: ouch! alright, just stop hitting me with that cattle prod

{short description of image}

tarrant and avon are send off to do algebra, including really hard stuff like tangents and quadratic equations. tarrant thinks it's a punishment. avon doesn't mind because

1) it will give him a chance to show off and

2) he thinks it will keep tarrant quiet for a bit, apart from the sound of splinters when he scratches his head.

{short description of image}

possessed again! well if you really want to bond with me great god, then turn off all the security systems here.

as a gesture of trust.

ulterior motive? don't be daft!

{short description of image}

hooray! cally's got the security turned off! let's leg it!

avon: do you think you could stop shining that light on that bit of my trousers? just for a bit. thanks.

{short description of image}

time for home!

vila, tarrant and avon all think: hmm... wonder how *i* can possess cally so she will be as one with me? well it's near the end of the season.. perhaps i'll come up with something after the summer break for season four...

the end


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