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everything wobbles....
About Wobblevision/Episode Guide

The 2017 Eastercon took place at Hilton Metropole Hotel at 
Birmingham’s NEC and hosted another episode of 
Blake’s 7 Wobblevision – the Big Finish full-cast audio drama Cold Fury.

1.5 Cold Fury

Our story opens with Vila a prisoner on the planet Horst Minor, but he has temporarily escaped his captors and is trying to get the computer to send a message

 But Vila is foiled when Travis breaks in and recaptures him (his eye seems to have got better)

Meanwhile, on the Liberator, Blake, Cally, Jenna and Avon (left to right)
are using Orac (who is wearing a nice blue shirt) to try to find Vila

Blake and Avon have a heart to heart, because they can

On the planet, Doctor Tinus is interrupted by a surprise visit from the president

Travis (whose eye has got worse again) brings Vila lunch but eats it himself

Travis violently interrogates Vila

Zen tells the crew that they have arrived at Horst Minor

Cally receives a telepathic transmission from someone in trouble on the planet

Pursuit ships (that look like a Tardis bag) attack the Liberator,
which looks like a person with extra hands
(the BBC must be really jealous of our no-expenses-spared special effects)

The president loses his temper with Tinus because
she won’t tell him what is going on
(the listeners are having the same problem)

 Orac tells the crew that the president is on the planet.

Travis gives Vila a drugged drink to get him talking

Tanis gives the president a tour of the base

The president is not convinced that Tanis is being totally open so grabs her and forces her to show him something else (make of that what you will)

Jenna, Cally and Blake beam down to the planet

The president discovers Tanis and Vila, and attacks Tanis

Cally either has a migraine or is still receiving telepathic messages from someone in trouble

The migraine problem is catching, as the president seems to be suffering as well

Back on the Liberator, Avon and Orac are trying to crack a Federation code

 Jenna, Cally and Blake find a frozen body (well this was filmed in Birmingham)

Tanis is treating the president and talking to Travis over a communications link
(note the expensive split-screen effect)

Orac tells Avon that the president is on the planet

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