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everything wobbles....
About Wobblevision/Episode Guide

The 2018 Eastercon took place in Harrogate and hosted another
episode of Blake’s 7 Wobblevision – the Big Finish full-cast audio drama Caged.
Caution: 'Contains bondage and torture. Honest!'

1.6 Caged

The last episode ended with Travis (at the back) taking control of the Liberator and holding the crew of (from left to right) Jenna, Avon, Blake, Vila and Cally prisoner.

During the takeover Blake suffered a stomach wound, which Cally now decides to treat (shame she wasn’t there on Gauda Prime).

Vila, who has turned into a Travis henchman, comes to tell Blake and Cally that Travis wants to see them.

Blake and Vila get into a fight but Vila orders a mutoid to restrain Blake.

On the flight deck, Travis is in control and talking with Zen (Vila told Zen to put Travis in control), while Jenna and Avon watch helplessly.

Blake, Cally and Vila arrive on the flight deck, and Travis ties Blake to a seat; not the comfy chair! (you were warned about the bondage).

Travis uses the Liberator’s viewscreen (now in portable version – it must be a remake) to show the crew they are docking at a space station called The Cage near Saturn.

Travis and the mutoid escort the crew onto the space station, along with Orac cleverly disguised as a cuddy toy.

Travis can’t find Orac’s key so gets Vila to search Avon.

The mutoid takes Blake, Cally and Jenna to a cell to search them.

 Travis gets Vila to chain Avon to a pillar (bondage time again).

 In the cell, Cally, Blake and Jenna are arguing about why Vila has betrayed them.

 The station has a visitor – the president of the Federation – whom Travis greets while Vila and the mutoid watch.

Travis tells the president that he wants to be the one who executes Blake.

 Formalities over, Travis enjoys some relaxation torturing (we did warn you) Avon.

 Vila enters the cell and gets a mutoid to tie Blake to the wall while Cally and Jenna watch (very kinky episode, this). 

 Cally and Jenna are outraged when Vila orders them to put on posh frocks.

 Nevertheless they obey, and Vila admires their new clothes.

 Blake, Cally and Jenna are taken for dinner with the president (they must have been happy with what Blake was wearing), who orders them to kneel before him. They tell him where to go.

 The president tells Vila to serve them drinks.

  Cally throws her drink in the president’s face.

Vila goes to join Travis, who is still torturing Avon.

 The president reveals his evil plan over dinner – his scientists are going to dissect the Liberator, learn all its secrets then parade its husk over every Federation planet to show the futility of rebellion. Blake, Cally and Jenna make no attempt to hide their boredom.

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