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everything wobbles....
About Wobblevision/Episode Guide

The Wobblevision team get sent to Coventry to film the final episode:


and welcome the return of producer Emma Peel

Avon feels alone and isolated. even surrounded by friends.
Well, colleagues. Well, other people.
So he's been for a search on Facebook, and found Blake!
They're all off to see him.
Some people are happier than others....

Crap! The ship's been hit by…umm…well. something!
"Come on, lets show those Star Trek guys how you act on a dying ship! Left! RIGHT! WOBBLE!!"

Tufty Tarrant despairs. "I'll go down... with the ship!
It takes talent to fly a dying series...erm…ship...."

Dayna and Soolin teleport down to Gauda Prime with Vila.
Possibly the first time he's ever had a woman on each arm.

"Slave (or easter egg shaped a bit like Slave) there's really no hope? Well, you'd best take Avon then, there's no point in us both dying."

And while I'm talking about chocolate, someone else is peckish.
Blake and Arlen are sharing sossage inna bun (ok, squirrel on a stick).
Could be worse - lots of fresh meat on the corpses Blake just made.
Is it me, or does Arlen look like Avalon, but with a bit more cloth on her?

Avon and Orac beam down into a forest (note the attractive foliage behind him.)
"Could be a while, Orac. Got any techno?"

Tarrant does his best to control the ship...

But some things are inevitable (NB genuine BBC quality special effects)


Meanwhile, on Gauda Prime, Blake is turning in Arlen.
"You're hunting the queen's deer in the queen's forest, now what would Herne be saying to that? Deva, book her."
(We apologise for Arlen's beard, very few waxing salons on Gauda Prime.)
Deva pays in full with an ironic box of 'Heroes'.


Having found a shack to stay in for the night,
Vila starts a totally realistic looking fire, yes he does.

He's alive! Tarrant's alive!
Blake offers him a hand of…well…getting up-ness, at least. Poor brave soldier!


Vila's fire attracts bounty hunters. Avon turns up in time to shoot them.
"Staying alive too difficult for you?"
"Yes, can we start with the Macarena?"

It's a jolly long hike back to the bounty hunter's base.
Tarrant gets a lift from his new BFF Blake.
Avon, having been brought up on the wrong side of the tracks, hotwires a car and follows.
But once there they all make new friends quickly.
"Deva! Kline! No, YOU look great!"
"But Blake tried to sell me!" whinges Tarrant.
Everyone shrugs and stares at their feet.


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