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everything wobbles....
About Wobblevision/Episode Guide

Wobblevision moves into territories new with its first fan fic production:
Bayban’s 7: A Game of Groans
A Blake’s 7 Prequel by Joshua Bentley
(featuring the actual throne that appeared in the TV series Game of Thrones)
Shot on location at Olympus, the 2012 Easteron, near Heathrow in London
The true story of how Avon was arrested and sent to Cygnus Alpha is revealed at last.

Bayban sits in the command chair of his smuggling ship surrounded by his seven faithful companions, from the left Coser, Cancer, Avon, Bayban, Travis, Araz and Shiv.

The seven have received some good news – the location of the central banking system for the whole of the Federation is on the Earth’s moon.

Coser altered the trajectory reading so it looked like the ship was arriving from a legitimate Earth supply base…

…which meant they had no problem getting permission to land.

They dock in a handy supply hangar.

Coser stays on board ship, and tries not to cut himself on the throne.

Bayban’s crew put on some clever disguises, in a shot sponsored by Satellite 4, the 2014 Eastercon in Glasgow, before seeking out the bank vault.

They use their sharply honed tracking abilities to find clues that point their way to the vault.

Araz uses his skill on the door to the main banking section…

…but once open, his usefulness is no more, so Travis shoots him.

While the rest of the crew try to break into the vault…

…Avon is secretly transferring the money to himself via the bank’s computer.

All the others find in the vault is a precious vase, so they steal that instead.

Travis decides he no longer has any use for Shiv, so he kills him as well.

Bayban, Cancer and Travis have a fight about who should take the vase home and inadvertently set off the alarms.

Federation security guards come running, though not all in the same direction.

Travis makes his escape (the guards have a dalek moment and don’t follow him up the stairs).

Cancer realises her time is up (or behind her) and surrenders.

Bayban, wounded though not mortally, is captured.

Travis throws Coser off the ship and flies off.

Avon is not so lucky, and is captured and sent to Cygnus Alpha.

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