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everything wobbles....
About Wobblevision/Episode Guide

The Wobblevision team go up the stairs to Bedfordshire
to perform an accurate representation of:

"Project Avalon"

Inspired as ever by Emma Peel

This episode features hoodies and a picture of a naked robot that some viewers may find distressing. Others may find it funny, you have been warned.

Travis, accompanied by his faithful mutoid Soolin,
walks through a cave to meet the traitorous hoody Terloc

The crew -Blake, Jenna, Cally and Gan - ask Zen to stop showing Sky Sports
and tell them the weather forecast for the unnamed planet where Avalon is.
"Bloody cold," says Zen, "now can I get back to the football?"

Blake tries not to yawn as Avon gives him a history lesson on the planet.
"I wish he'd just tell me its name," thinks Blake.

Soolin was feeling a little peckish, so she kills a rebel and drinks his blood.

Travis attends a neighbourhood watch meeting
and they turn over the hoody Avalon to him.

The hoody Terloc, who grassed Avalon up, pleads for a light sentence,
but Travis kills him, and then kills the rest of the meeting to be on the
safe side as it is clearly a breeding ground for hoodies.

Blake and Jenna decide to teleport down.
Blake has his hoody jacket to fit in but Jenna says no
because she doesn't want to ruin her hair.

Blake and Jenna find Chevner out cold after too much wine at the neighbourhood watch meeting. They give him some beer to revive him.

The scene you have all been waiting for - the nude Avalon on the duplicating machine (sadly, the actress had a keep-my-kit-on clause in her contract. "That's what comes from having a good agent," she thinks).

A perfect copy of Avalon comes out the other end (sadly, this actor didn't have a keep-my-kit-on clause. "We must get him a new agent," thinks everyone else).

Hooligan Vila puts on his hoody and heads for the surface.

Servalan visits a rehabilitation centre to see how hoodies are turned into valuable members of the community. She watches Travis give one patient his medicine.


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