Wobblevision - Animals

by Emma Peel

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everything wobbles....
About Wobblevision/Episode Guide


popularly billed as the worst episode ever

sets this week coutesy of the pretenders and the thomson twins 7 inch vinyl sleeves....

So, dayna, we're off to see your old tutor. Listen, are we going to find out some juicy secrets about your past or what? Nope, as usual I'll hint about a bit but my *status* will still be a mystery...

{short description of image}

hello hairy beasts! Look, hold on till I shoot you with my depilatory cream gun..

{short description of image}

oops! we're under attack. I'll just have a kip on the controls until the nasty ship goes away....

{short description of image}


{short description of image}

hi babe. Listen, I know you had a monster crush on me when i taught you... i may be a mad evil genetic engineer now, but do you fancy staying on as my love slave? no, don't tell me now... have a drink and tell me later....


meanwhile at mistress evil's hq.....

{short description of image}
tarrants ship?? think i'll follow it... no, no ulterior motive. just curious. honest.


GRR!! I don't know! i let you have the car.. umm.. ship once, ONCE, and you wrap it round a lamp post. no just go to your room, vila will fix it...

{short description of image}

dayna! lets have a chin wag... don't you think he's a bit old for you? frankly darling you can do better. now stop giving all the old pervs watching a thrill and bring me his head on a plate. oh, and one of those yeti's. no, never mind what for....

{short description of image}

thanks! right, let's have another talk, have i told you about the benefits of an older man...?

{short description of image}

hi dayna, sorry we're late, terrible traffic jam round alpha centauri... oh come on servalan, don't be a bitch, put the gun away, he's just an old codger....

{short description of image}

{short description of image}

justin! nooo! don't die, not before you've made me executor of the will like she told me to!

final shot of space craft taking off threatening to blow actor's hair away in the backdraft....

{short description of image}


the end!

About Wobblevision/Episode Guide

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