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Character discussion: Jenna

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 17, 2015 7:39 am    Post subject: Character discussion: Jenna Reply with quote

Jenna Stannis, the female Han Solo, but without the furry sidekick. That actually would have been cool, in a way, her having a big hairy alien as a partner and bodyguard, but she didn’t, which means since she belonged to the “weaker sex” she had to be extra tough and extra smart. She also had to be either the best or one of the best at smuggling since the Federation chose to humiliate her by throwing her in with all male prisoners and condemning her to a barren rock. No mention of rehabilitation as with Vila, this was straight up punishment.

Her character’s established from the beginning, strong, confident, intelligent, and is maintained throughout the series, unless she’s with Blake. For some reason whenever he’s around Jenna turns into the typical “Female support character.” If you notice, her best scenes were when she was interacting with other characters while her scenes with Blake were mediocre, lacking chemistry. I can understand her falling for him since he saved her from a living hell and didn’t expect anything in return, unlike most men she’s met I’d wager, but she seemed to have sacrificed her character traits in doing so. Apparently she loved him, I’m not so sure it was reciprocated. I’m also not sure if she loved him because of who he was or because she felt she was repaying a misplaced dept. Blake may have been the one who saved them from being mind drained but she was the one who got the Liberator moving. She was also the one who was able to activate Zen, probably having to do with her being a pilot or being the most open of the three. It’s possible that without her that the Liberator would have been their tomb. Blake is the one who owes her a dept.

There’s an excellent scene in The Way Back when Blake is meeting withe his lawyer for the final time and Vila comes up behind her. She turns around and without saying a word her look and body language makes it clear he’s in her personal space. Not really sure why they would keep her locked up with men. Was the Federation unisex or did they make an exception with her?

Note: They never followed up with the vision Jenna had of her mother being harassed by troopers. Was that the reason she embarked on a life of crime and joined in a rebellion against the Federation?
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