Blakes 7 Gadgets - Liberator Handgun
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Tools / Items Photograph

  1. Black spray paint.
  2. Glue.
  3. Pins.
  4. Craft knife.
  5. Old belt & belt buckle.
  6. Vitamin tube / Camera film tube.
  7. Bicycle handlebar grip.
  8. Old telephone cable.
  9. Wooden broom handle.
  10. Small cardboard box.
  11. Small plastic drink bottle (small Evian bottled water is ideal) or small round plastic bottle with ridges.
  12. Plastic tube. (I used a pop bottle before it's blown up to proper size - this item is the most difficult to find!)
  13. Plastic drinks cup.
  14. Large plastic drink bottle (Robinsons squash bottle is ideal shape).
  15. Black masking tape.
  16. Wide belt to wear with gun.


  1. Attach cable to end of handlebar grip and glue.
  2. Cut broom handle to size.
  3. Insert broom handle into handlebar grip so that it extends beyond the grip.
Handle Section Diagram
Click Here to See the Finished Handle Section.

  1. Attach other end of cable to small cardboard box and add belt buckle to represent fastening - spray brown.
  2. Make two parallel cuts on reverse of box - large enough to thread your belt through.
Click here to see the front of the Power Cell
Click here to see the back of the Power Cell
Power Cell Diagram

  1. Take small plastic bottle and cut in half.
  2. Insert plastic drink cup into upper part of bottle to strengthen.
  3. Glue cup to upper section of bottle and spray black.
  4. Attach ridged lower half of bottle to plastic tube with pins, glue and tape as necessary..
Click here to see the finished gun barrel
Main Gun Barrel Diagram

  1. Insert Handle Section A into Main Gun Barrel through opening at B and glue broom handle to top of plastic cup. Use black masking tape to secure where necessary.

Click here to see the Final Assembly Picture

Final Assembly Diagram

  1. Cut out top section of large plastic bottle.
  2. Attach vitamin/film tube to top section of bottle.
  3. Spray complete item black (fill lower tube with 1p/2p coins - extra weight may be required to hold Holster down when gun is inserted, due to weight of wooden handle)
  4. Use old belt to make a strap - attach to top edge of bottle and secure with pins, glue and tape as necessary.
  5. Feed wide belt through strap on holster, feed belt through rear of power cell section and insert gun into holster.
Click Here to See the finished Holster.
Holster Section Diagram

Click Here to see the Finished Model.

Strap belt and holster to waist and ENJOY !

HERE'S SOME WE PREPARED EARLIER.... (Cool! People have actually made their own!)

Mat Dolphin

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