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How to Make a Federation Trooper Action Figure
Model and Instructions by Paul K. (Thanks Paul, it's brilliant!!)


  1. Superglue
  2. Double sided tape
  3. 1mm plasticard sheet
  4. 5mm plasticard sheet
  5. 'Invisible' cellotape
  6. VERY sharp scalpel
  7. Green pop bottle
  8. Strip of blank film negatives
  9. 1 inch vinyl insulating tape (black)
  10. Matt black spray paint
  11. Fine 'wet and dry' sandpaper
  12. 12" Action Figure*
    (see below)

Federation Guard with Gun


NOTE: Other bits and bobs will crop up, but should be easy to find.


You need a modicum of modelling skills for this job:
How to handle a very sharp scalpel, the effect of certain glues on plastics and so on. Don't be proud...ask for help!!!

Also, this is just a replica! Don't expect 100%accuracy, as mine surely isn't. My reference was simply to watch five minutes of BLAKE'S 7, then do a bit of the model, watch another five minutes, etc. If your measurements go out by a little, don't panic. The end result should still be good! If nothing else, it'll be fun.

Most important of all, don't rush things!! If you don't feel in the mood or start to get fed up half way through, just pack up and try again the next day. Experienced modellers will know all this, but beginners beware!!

First, pick the right 12 inch model as your base figure.

ACTION MAN will do at a push, but the proportions are wrong and the joints are not very flexible. I chose an ELITE FORCES S.W.A.T. figure with life-like proportion and features, superb flexibility and pre-moulded black gloved hands to boot!

At £30, a bit expensive to buy for a job like this, so if you don't already have one, shop around on the internet for a basic ULTIMATE SOLDIER figure.
( has a good stock!)
Full Length Federation Guard
Three options are open to you:

1. Find an existing black ACTION MAN overall (Harder than you think.)
2. Dye an existing overall black (What I ended up doing!)
3. Make your own! (Unpick an existing overall and use it a pattern)

The Balaclava is pretty easy to reproduce. It isn't removable, so can be sewn tightly around the head of the figure

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