Blakes 7 Season Three - Volcano
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Vila Michael Keating  
Avon Paul Darrow  
Cally Jan Chappell  
Dayna Josette Simon  
Tarrant Steven Pacey  
Zen Peter Tuddenham  
Orac Peter Tuddenham  
Servalan Jacqueline Pearce  
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Dayna and Tarrant teleport to the pacifist planet Obsidian to negotiate a neutral base, but Servalan intends to capture the Liberator. A crack force teleports aboard, but Avon outmanoeuvres them and destroys the attacking Federation ships. The troops retreat, taking Cally. Obsidian's leader, Hower, reveals that the Federation has been kept at bay by a nuclear device and he now threatens to use it ...

Synopsis taken from TV ZONE SPECIAL issue 30. - The UK's Biggest Video StoreYou can find this episode here.

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