Blakes 7 Season Three - Terminal
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Vila Michael Keating  
Avon Paul Darrow  
Cally Jan Chappell  
Dayna Josette Simon  
Tarrant Steven Pacey  
Zen Peter Tuddenham  
Orac Peter Tuddenham  
Servalan Jacqueline Pearce  
Blake Gareth Thomas  
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Avon follows coded instructions to take the Liberator to the man-made planet Terminal. Forbidding the crew to follow him, he teleports to an underground control centre. He discovers Blake, hooked up to medical apparatus. Blake's presence is part of an elaborate scheme by Servalan to steal the Liberator, but the ship itself is in trouble, fighting a losing battle against an invasive organism ...

Synopsis taken from TV ZONE SPECIAL issue 30. - The UK's Biggest Video StoreYou can find this episode here.

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