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The final scene of Blake's 7
Re-told by Daniel Williamson. Episode written by Chris Boucher

Blake and Arlen entered the main tracking gallery. Blake was armed with no weapon, but Arlen was. Avon turned to aim his rifle at Blake. Avon and Vila's mouths dropped with shock, as their former leader stood before them.
"Is it him?" Asked Tarrant.
"It's him!" Vila said coldly.
"He's sold us Avon." Continued Tarrant. "All of us, even you."
With disbelieve and anger, Avon raised down his rifle and he began walking towards Blake. "Is it true?" Asked Avon.
"Avon, it's me Blake."
"Stand still!" Avon ordered angrily.
Knowing Avon was serious Blake did what he said.
"Have you betrayed us?" Avon went on. "Have you betrayed me?"
"Tarrant doesn't understand." Protested Blake.
"Neither do I!"
"I set all this up." Shouted Blake.
"Yes!" Agreed Avon, believing Blake really betrayed them to the Federation.
Blake began moving towards Avon. "Avon, I was waiting for you!"
With all his anger boiling inside him, Avon raised his rife and pulled the trigger and he fired a round at Blake wounding him. Blake couldn't believe Avon shot him, he continued to move towards Avon. Avon fired another round at Blake. The shots didn't stop Blake, and he couldn't to move towards Blake.
Avon fired for a third time. Blake was mortally wounded he stopped moving and looked at Avon.

Avon raised his rifle and aimed at Blake's face. Blake's knees weakened. He fell to his knees and grabbed Avon's arms. Blake looked at Avon.
"Avon…" Blake collapsed to Blake's feet and he was dead.
Avon looked down at Blake's body with guilt, maybe he was telling the truth. Avon didn't know what to believe. But he had killed his former leader who started the rebellion against the Federation. As Avon, Tarrant, Soolin, Dayna and Vila looked down at Blake. Deva with terror ran into the tracking gallery.
"Blake! They've found us! The base is under-" He froze as he saw Blake dead on the floor. "Arlen, What happened?"
Arlen turned to aim her gun at Deva. "He happened." She pulled the trigger and she shot Deva who collapsed dead, she then turned around to aim at Avon and the rebels. "Be so kind enough to drop you're guns, all of you!"
With no choice, Tarrant, Vila, Soolin and Dayna dropped their Scorpio pistols to the floor. Avon was standing stone still looking at Blake. Explosions were erupting outside the base.
"You and this band of rebels are now prisoners of the Federation." Addressed Arlen. "You're friend Blake said he couldn't tell anymore who was Federation and who wasn't. He was right, he couldn't."
Tarrant smiled with pity. "You're a Federation agent?"
"I'm a federation officer."
Before the consequences began to get out-of-hand Vila stepped forward. "Oh! Now look, I've never been against the Federation." Vila pleaded and moved over to Arlen. "I mean, I've only been along for the ride. I'm not even armed. You can't kill me. I'm completely harmless and armless."

Realising Vila was trying to distract the federation officer, Dayna grabbed for her Scorpio pistol, but before she could shoot Arlen, Arlen shot her and Dayna collapsed into Tarrant's arms, Dayna was dead and Avon placed her body on the floor.
Angered, Vila knocked Arlen out by whacking her and he took her gun. "Sorry!"
Gunshots began ringing. Just before Vila could do anything. A federation trooper entered and he fired and Vila was killed, Vila collapsed and died.
Soolin took her Scorpio pistol and she shot the Federation trooper back, but another Federation trooper shot her and she too was dead.
Tarrant shot another federation trooper and he turned and ran towards Avon. "Avon." He cried out. Avon was the former Federation pilot's final word. A federation trooper shot Tarrant and Tarrant died.

As the alarm continued to ring, Avon watched as a whole squadron of Federation troopers entered the tracking gallery, he watched with horror and guilt as they began surrounding him, aiming their weapons at him.
Avon refused to move. Avon made one last look at Blake, feeling guilty, he stepped over Blake and looked up at the Federation troops. The alarm stopped ringing. Avon slowly raised his rifle. It was only him against a squadron of Federation troops.
As he raised his rifle and prepared for a final confrontation, Avon made his choice, and he made a grimace smile, knowing that his war and rebellion against the Federation was at an end. Tarrant, Vila, Soolin, Dayna and Blake were dead, Scorpio was destroyed, so was the Liberator. His old friends, Gan, Jenna and Cally were also dead. With no regrets, the final confrontation begun.
Gunshots began ringing out and then it was over.

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