Blakes 7 Season Four - Blake
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Vila Michael Keating  
Avon Paul Darrow  
Dayna Josette Simon  
Tarrant Steven Pacey  
Soolin Glynis Barber  
Slave Peter Tuddenham  
Orac Peter Tuddenham  
Blake Gareth Thomas  
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The crew head for Gauda Prime, where Blake has been sighted. Scorpio is shot down, and everyone teleports out while Tarrant attempts to ground it. Blake finds him in the wreckage, and Tarrant begins to believe the rumour that Blake is a bounty hunter. Avon and the others converge on the Federation base, where they meet Tarrant. Avon comes face to face with Blake, but is his old crewmate a traitor ...?

Synopsis taken from TV ZONE SPECIAL issue 30.

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