Blakes 7 Season One - Deliverance
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Blake Gareth Thomas  
Jenna Sally Knyvette  
Vila Michael Keating  
Avon Paul Darrow  
Gan David Jackson  
Cally Jan Chappell  
Zen Peter Tuddenham  
Servalan Jacqueline Pearce  
Travis Stephen Greif  
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Two life capsules eject from an exploding ship near the planet Cephlon and the Liberator crew teleport down to look for survivors. They discover the one crew member is barely alive and he is transported back to the Liberator where they learn he is the son of Ensor, the creator of Orac. Servalan is behind the sabotage of Ensor's ship, she had made a deal with Ensor's son to buy Orac for 100 million credits but had double-crossed him. The young Ensor persuades Blake to take urgently required medicine he is carrying to his father on Aristo. Meanwhile Jenna is captured by primitives on the planet ...

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